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Overview 1942 BFV

"With its selective fire functionality the FG 42 was way ahead of its time. German paratroopers used and liked it, but it was never produced in great numbers."

— In-game description

The FG-42 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the Devastation of Rotterdam trailer.


Throughout the singleplayer War Stories and Combined Arms, the FG-42 is the primary weapon of both the regular German faction Support soldiers and, as seen in My Country Calling and Basic Training, British machine gunners. It can also be found in supply crates throughout the other war stories.


The FG-42 is unlocked for the Support at class rank 16. With the highest fire rate and lowest magazine capacity of the LMGs at launch, the FG-42 has the second quickest time to kill in its class (behind the BAR M1918A2 on its Fast ROF mode), at the cost of low controllability and frequent reloads. With per-shot vertical recoil being high in its class in addition to possessing higher than average horizontal recoil, the FG-42 can be unpredictable during uninterrupted fire. Although its integral bipod and select-fire capability allows it to engage targets at extended range, the weapon's recoil characteristics generally favor a more aggressive playstyle, at least compared to the other weapons in said category.

Complementing its role as an assault-style weapon, the FG-42 is the only Support weapon thus far with the ability to mount a bayonet, done so at rank 4 of its Specialization tree. Its two general paths are geared towards improving recoil control, with the left side decreasing aiming down sight speed, vertical recoil and improving hip fire, while the right side decreases horizontal recoil, Easing ranged engagements while improving stationary and moving accuracy providing more consistent recoil as well as improving movement speed through aiming. Players must choose between either reduced vertical or horizontal recoil at rank 3, which takes per-shot deflection down to 0.608 vertical, 0.176 left and 0.224 right, respectively.