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The Magpul FMG-9 (Folding submachine Gun) is a prototype foldable submachine gun developed by Magpul Industries. It is a lightweight weapon built around the Glock 18 and based off the design of older submachine guns like the UC-M21 and ARES FMG, where it is able to fold up into a small box like package. This, coupled with the weapon's small size, allows it to be easily concealable. Developed as a show piece for SHOTSHOW 2008, Magpul has not announced any plans to actually produce the weapon.

The FMG-9 appears in Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"The FMG-9 is one of a new generation of lightweight folding submachine guns that can be easily concealed or disguised. The FMG-9 is only slighty larger than pistol-size, making it good in close quarters."

— In-game description

The FMG9 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Hardline.


The FMG9 is unlocked upon completing the Boomer Connection Case File alongside the K10 and the UZI.


The FMG9 is a submachine gun for the Mechanic, and is available to both factions upon the completion of the Mechanic Syndicate assignment.



The player's fingers clipping through the attachments during deployment

  • Player's character will deploy the FMG9 from its box configuration whenever the player switches to it.
    • When equipped with Canted Ironsights and certain medium range scopes, the player's fingers will clip through the attachments during the FMG-9's deploy animation
    • The rear end of the stock will be folded to cover the muzzel, and thus muzzel devices like suppressor and heavy barrel will be a interference, but the stock simply clips through them during the animation.