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A Toronto firefighter with a Nomex hood and face mask

Flame Retardants are materials that inhibit, suppress, or delay the production of fire. Nomex is a common flame resistant material that is used by firefighters and other emergency workers as a hood, usually worn over a face mask or SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus), to protect areas of the head that are not covered by a helmet from the heat of a fire. Nomex hoods are also worn by military pilots and tank crews for protection in the event of a vehicle fire.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"This fire-resistant mask reduces – sometimes eliminates – fire damage from molotovs and incendiary grenades. "

— Official Description

The FR Mask functions as a counterpart to the Gas Mask, counteracting the effects of Incendiary Grenades and other fires. The FR Mask will reduce damage taken from exploding Incendiary Grenades and eliminates burning damage from fires caused by the grenades or elsewhere on the map. This makes the gadget useful in infantry focused areas where enemy players are consistently using Incendiaries, or on maps like The Block where fires can start. Alternatively, the FR Mask can also be equipped alongside Incendiary Grenades, allowing the player to be very aggressive with the grenades and not worry about taking damage from their own fires. The mask is effectively countered by Tear Gas, as the mask only blocks fire damage.

As the mask takes up a gadget slot, the player will have to give up a healing gadget to equip it, like the First Aid Pack or Defibrillator/Revive syringe. Sacrificing the revive gadget is usually the better option if the player is planning on being more aggressive with the mask equipped, as they will be able to heal themselves as well as teammates still. If the player is planning to still stick around teammates, the revive gadget can be much more useful for keeping teammates in the fight, although the player will need to charge the revive since they cannot heal allies directly.

Like the Gas Mask, the FR Mask visibly adds the mask to the character's player model, allowing teammates and enemies to tell who is currently wearing one, and has a reflexive overlay placed over the player's vision when equipped. Like other masks and helmets, it cannot be equipped alongside other Headgear.



  • The FR Mask uses the same model as the Law Enforcement Gas Mask, which is the same gas mask used by the RGF Engineer in Battlefield 3, although the FR Mask has a recolored hood and mask as well as a more opaque visor.
  • The Banger Operator will wear the FR Mask underneath his hood, all other subfaction Operators remove their default headwear when the mask is equipped.