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FairFight is an anti-cheat service that was developed by GameBlocks Middleware. It has replaced PunkBuster as the primary means to detect cheaters in the Battlefield series.


The program features pre-selected rules that can be customized by developers and publishers to meet any special criteria. It uses the GameChanger rule engine and database to examine and evaluate player actions. GameBlocks' website states "FairFight crosschecks these indicators using objective server-side reporting tools and takes action when both approaches correlate to cheating."[1]

This creates a profile for each player with the following information:

  • Player Info with status
  • Player Location with map overlay
  • Action Buttons - with kill, cool down, kick, suspend, screenshot fully customizable
  • Player Notes available for GameBlocks administrators
  • Player Lists to allow focused tracking of a player
  • Visualization of player statistical rankings on the Skill Graph


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