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"February 7, 1968 - The Khe Sahn[sic] Combat Base was positioned near the DMZ and from this point, the U.S. could track the movement of the N.V.A. The N.V.A. identified the need to eliminate the K.S.C.B. and one of the first steps in doing this was the elimination of the special forces base at Lang Vei."

— Map Briefing

Fall of Lang Vei is a map featured in Battlefield Vietnam. It is based on the attack on the US Special Forces Camp at Lang Vei by the North Vietnamese Army.

Assault Conquest[]

"The Fall of Lang Vei is an Assault Map. The N.V.A. begins with constant ticket loss. This loss can be stopped by neutralizing and/or capturing an enemy control point. The U.S. forces begin the map with four Control Points. The U.S. will begin to constantly lose tickets if all but one Control Point is captured."

— Map Briefing


BFVietnam insignia Special Forces
Flag of the United States 5th Special Forces Group, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
Light vehicle(s)
Light tank(s)
800px-Flag of North Vietnam.svg 304th North Vietnamese Army Division
Light vehicle(s)
Light tank(s)
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle(s)
Self Propelled Artillery



Control Points[]

The Rise[]

The initial NVA base, at the southeast of the map. It spawns an attack Mi-8, a transport Mi-8, a ZSU, a 469, and a Tunnel Entrance. If it is captured by the US, it will spawn a Sheridan and a M.U.T.T.

In singleplayer, there is no 469 or tunnel entrance.

Lang Vei Base[]

The westernmost US control point, which also serves as the US base. It spawns two M.U.T.T., a Sheridan, a Huey Slick, and a Cobra. If it is captured by the NVA, it will spawn a 469 and a BM-21.

Khe Sahn Village[]

A US control point near the center of the map. It spawns two M.U.T.T. only. Under NVA control it will spawn two 469s and a tunnel entrance.

In singleplayer, if this control point is held by the NVA, one of the 469 will be replaced by a T-54, and there will be no tunnel entrance.

French Fort[]

The easternmost US control point, and is the closest to the NVA base. Under US control it only spawns two M.U.T.T., but under NVA control it will spawn a 469, a BM-21 and a PT-76.

The Road Block[]

A US control point to the east of the US base. It spawns two M.U.T.T. under US control, or two 469 under NVA control.


In Evolution, this map is the first of a pair with Siege of Khe Sahn.