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Not to be confused with Saigon - 1968

The Fall of Saigon is a map featured in Battlefield Vietnam, introduced in the latest patch. It takes place just after the Battle of Xuân Lộc. The T-72, AC-47 Spooky and BRDM are introduced on this map.


"April 30, 1975. Xuan Loc has just fallen to the east of Saigon. The NVA is amassing its armor and infantry, preparing for the final assault on the city of Saigon. But first, they must get past the SVA base on the eastern outskirts of Saigon. Both sides have an abundance of armor at their disposal. However, the ongoing evacuation of American personnel leaves the SVA without the air and heavy artillery support to which they have grown so accustomed."



1st ARVN Division
648px-Flag of South Vietnam.svg 1st ARVN Division
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
Armored personnel carrier(s)
Self Propelled Artillery
Fixed-wing aircraft
Flag of North Vietnam Unidentified N.V.A. Forces
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)


Saigon BaseEdit

Saigon Base is the primary base under ARVN control.The flag is on a small airfield. An AC-47, the ARVN's only air support, spawns there. Also nearby are two towers with M60 emplacements and a boat spawn at the river. The Medical Cabinet is located near the entrance while the ammo crate is located right near the APC Spawn. The base spawns 2 M48 Pattons, 1 M151, 1 M113 APC, 1 AC-47 Spooky  and 1 PBR  under ARVN control and 2 T-72s, 1 UAZ-469 and 1 BTR-60 and 1 Sampan under NVA control.

Hilltop RuinEdit

Hilltop Ruin is the ARVN's artillery base. Several M110 howitzers spawn there, along with a Patton.

River BaseEdit

River Base is under ARVN control. It spawns several PBRs and Pattons.

River VillageEdit

The River Village begins neutral, and spawns 1 PBR or Sampan.


The Farmhouse is the other base held by the NVA. It spawns 1 UAZ-469, 1 T-72, and 1 stationary M60 pointing towards the River Village.

Xuan LocEdit

Xuan Loc is the NVA's primary armor base. It spawns 2 UAZ-469s, 2 T-72s, 2 M46s, and the only BRDM featured in the game. Some of the towers also hold stationary M60s.


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