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FarBridge is an American video game developer headquartered in Austin, Texas. The are best known for their work on SteamVR titles and their FarBridge development tool suite. FarBridge is assisting Industrial Toys in creating content for the now cancelled Battlefield Mobile.


FarBridge was founded in 2017 in Austin, Texas. The company assisted in the development of Dragon Fight VR with The Acceleration Agency and added SteamVR support for the game Walkabout Mini Golf. FarBridge began handling post-launch development for the Rooster Teeth game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse in 2018, and released their original game Jar Wars with sister company FarCade in February 2020.[1]

FarBridge was announced to be assisting Industrial Toys with the development of Battlefield Mobile on July 22, 2021.[2][3]



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