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"See, the way I think it, we got atomic bombs, Krauts got V-2s, Japs gotta have something too."

— Faraday

Faraday is a character featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 during a flashback to World War II. 

Biography Edit

Faraday was a US Marine that was sent along with two squads. He was part of Bravo squad which contained Wyatt, McKee and Owens, on a top secret mission called Operation Aurora. They were supposed to extract a Japanese scientist that had vital information about a Japanese made WMD. After successfully completing his mission and escaping the island via submarine, the Black Weapon is set off. This results in an enormous shockwave, which caused a tidal wave that drowned everyone on board the vessel, including Faraday.

Personality Edit

Faraday seems to be a curious and optimistic character, as he makes speculations about the Scalar Weapon, as well as he convinces Watanabe that they'd make it out alive, despite Watanabe's affirmations that they are all doomed.

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