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Faulkner is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. He was a part of a group of US Marines led by Olsen with Captain Roland Garrison as their superior.


Highbeam Coup[]

Along with the rest of his team, Faulkner was sent via a MH-60 Sea Hawk flown by a pilot named Tex. Along the way, Faulkner would make comments on vomiting when the helicopter would make sudden, quick movements. He had also been playing a game on his phone, along with eating a Hershey chocolate bar and conversing with Kovic.

Upon touchdown, Faulkner followed Kovic's orders with the rest of his squad to surround Highbeam's vehicle with their weapons lowered. Eventually, they are ambushed by North Korean forces, whom Faulkner was the first to point out. In the ensuing firefight, Faulkner was badly wounded on his arm, causing Olsen and Price to care for him whilst being led to the border by Kovic.

He is presumed dead after Kovic awakens from passing out at the border, and confirmed when his corpse is later revealed to be among others piled into an SUV from a photo taken to use as false evidence for a much larger conspiracy. His name is later said by Kovic to Cutler as the former is shooting him, saying "this is how it was for... Faulkner", and fires into his shoulder, simulating Faulkner's wound.


  • Although there are little to no information regarding his life before Countdown to War, there are various remarks made that Faulkner is of a strong build, the largest out of his team.
  • Falkner was looking forward to the bonus from the Highbeam Coup as without it he would have to do another tour or else he would have to play alimony to his ex-wife. Kovic noted this, stating "he's more concerned about his alimony payments than getting his balls blown off by North Korean - easier to fear the devil you know". Despite this, Kovic stated that he hadn't the heart to tell him that the bonus was discretionary at best.
  • The novel stated that Falkner became divorced after his wife discovered that he had cheated on her with numerous women. When asked about it, Falkner said that, "They don't call it The Beast for nothin'!".