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Not to be confused with the other specialization, Field Repair Vehicle
For the similar specialization, see Fire Extinguisher

Field Repair is vehicle specialization featured in several installments of the Battlefield series. Functioning similar to the Fire Extinguisher, the specialization allows players to immediately repair a certain percentage of vehicle health after taking damage.

Battlefield 1Edit

Certain vehicles in Battlefield 1 have the ability to quickly repair critical damage, separate from the repair ability provided by the Repair Hammer. Its use is limited by a long cooldown. Regardless of what is repaired, the sound of a fire extinguisher can be heard whenever a vehicle is self-repaired from critical damage.

  • Emergency Repair instantly recovers 30% health if brought below 15–20%.
  • Emergency Tread Repair restores mobility and some health to ground vehicles.
  • Emergency Wing Repair restores mobility to air vehicles.

Battlefield VEdit

Field Repair is vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield V. It will repair 10% of vehicle health as well as broken tracks or wings, disabled engines, or damage to vehicle turrets. The specialization is available for all tanks and air vehicles.

Wing Repair is a vehicle specialization available for the Ju-88C. Functioning similar to Field Repair, this specialization instantly repairs all broken wings on the aircraft.