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For specializations in Battlefield 4, see Field Upgrades (Battlefield 4)
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Field Upgrades are gameplay features in Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 4. They are awarded to all members of a squad upon the completion of various actions. They are awarded to all members of a squad when they follow attack or defend orders issued by the Commander by either killing enemies, resupplying, healing, or reviving teammates. Field Upgrades allow players to temporarily use previously locked items that are one level higher on their original unlock tree without the need to buy them with credits. Field Upgrades are available to players until they disconnect from the server. If a player unlocks the item which they are currently using as a Field Upgrade, the next unlock will not become available to use as a Field Upgrade until they leave the current server.

Certain unlocks are only available after purchasing Northern Strike, which are on top of all other unlocks in the unlock trees of the core game. Field Upgrades also allow players without Northern Strike to have temporary access to the upgrades that are normally only available in the expansion. Field Upgrades can only be used on ranked servers.


Advanced Ammo HubEdit

Advanced Ammo Hub is an upgrade for the Support class in Battlefield 2142.

It increases the rate at which ammunition and supplies are resupplied from the Ammo Hub, and also allows a Support soldier inside a vehicle to resupply infantry outside the vehicle, as well as other vehicles.