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Field Upgrade

A Field Upgrade Path

Field Upgrades are a game mechanic featured in Battlefield 4. Functioning in a similar manner to the Specializations of Battlefield 3, these grant additional abilities to players.

Field Upgrades function in a similar manner to Battlefield 2142. There are 29 different field upgrades available for use when choosing from the 11 available Upgrade Paths (short for Field Upgrade Path). Each path holds up to four different field upgrades that are obtained by progress chained by squad-based team work.[1] There are a total of eleven upgrade paths, with three paths available for all classes and two paths unique to each class.[2]

Paths can be freely chosen anytime during matches with progress for each path saved whenever a new path is chosen, a kit has been changed, or a new squad has been joined. Some progress, however, is lost for the path currently in use whenever the player and their squad have been wiped. Progress does not carry over to consecutive matches.

Three of these field upgrades are initially locked. As the squad completes objectives, or the squad is granted a promotion by the commander, the remaining field upgrades are unlocked and stack. Some of these objectives are as follows:

  • Killing enemies
  • Repairing vehicles occupied by squad mates
  • Resupplying squad mates
  • Healing squad mates
  • Spawning on squad mates
  • Competing objectives given by the squad leader
  • Saving or avenging squad mates from enemies

If every member of a squad is dead or has yet to deploy, the squad loses the use of one field upgrade each time this occurs. This system replaces the collaborative system in Battlefield 3 and the potential waste if squadmates selected the same specialization. Upstanding upgrades at the end of rounds will be carried over to consecutive matches on that server.

Field Upgrades

Name Icon Effects Upgrade Path
SPRINT BF4 SPRINT Increases mamimum Sprint speed by 10%.
  • Offensive - Tier 1
  • Shadow - Tier 2
  • Combat Medic - Tier 2
  • Grenadier - Tier 2
AMMO BF4 AMMO Increases maximum amount of ammunition held by 50% to 100% depending on the weapon being used.
  • Offensive - Tier 2
  • Indirect Fire - Tier 2
  • Perimeter Defense - Tier 1
GRENADES BF4 GRENADES Increases the maximum number of Grenades held by one.
  • Offensive - Tier 3
  • Grenadier - Tier 1
REDUCED FALL BF4 REDUCED FALL Increases the height a player is able to fall before sustaining damage. Only works at certain height thresholds such as that similar to a two story building.
  • Offensive - Tier 4
  • Shadow - Tier 3
ARMOR BF4 ARMOR Reduces incoming damage taken to the torso by 10%. Requires most primary weapons to fire an extra bullet in order in order to kill players with ARMOR equipped. Also prevents standard sniper rifles from earning close-range kills to the chest.
  • Defensive - Tier 1
COVER BF4 COVER Decreases the amount of incoming suppressive fire by 50%.
  • Defensive - Tier 2
  • Mechanic - Tier 3
  • Sniper - Tier 2
FLAK BF4 FLAK Increases damage from explosives by 15%. Does not protect against direct hits from explosives.
  • Defensive - Tier 3
  • Grenadier - Tier 4
  • Mechanic - Tier 2
  • Anti-Tank - Tier 4
QUICK REGEN BF4 QUICK REGEN Decreases the amount of time it takes to start regenerating health by 20%.
  • Defensive - Tier 4
QUICK UNSPOT BF4 QUICK UNSPOT Reduces the amount of time a player is spotted when they move out of their spotters sight from seven seconds to five seconds.
  • Shadow - Tier 1
  • Spec Ops - Tier 4
  • Sniper - Tier 3
STEALTH BF4 STEALTH Causes players to be undetectable to the MTN-55 and T-UGS except when sprinting.
  • Shadow - Tier 4
  • Spec Ops - Tier 1
MEDKIT UPGRADE BF4 MEDKIT UPGRADE Increases the number of Medkits and First Aid Packs able to be deployed at once by one each.
  • Combat Medic - Tier 1
DEFIB UPGRADE BF4 DEFIB UPGRADE Increases both the charge up and recharge speeds of Defibrillators by 100%. It also increases the minimum health upon revive from 20% to 34%.
  • Combat Medic - Tier 3
MEDICAL UNIT BF4 MEDICAL UNIT Slowly heals nearby teammates when inside a vehicle.
  • Combat Medic - Tier 4
40MM GRENADES BF4 40MM GRENADES Increases the maximum number of any type of rounds for the M320 or GP-30 by three.
  • Grenadier - Tier 3
FAST REPAIR BF4 FAST REPAIR Increases the speed of repairs or damage to vehicles by 35%.
  • Mechanic - Tier 1
REPAIR UNIT BF4 REPAIR UNIT Slowly repairs nearby vehicles when inside another vehicle.
  • Mechanic - Tier 3
MINES BF4 MINES Increases the maximum number of Anti-Tank Mines and M2 SLAM munitions able to be held to six.
  • Anti-Tank - Tier 1
ROCKETS BF4 ROCKETS Increases the maximum number of AT and AA ammunition to seven.
  • Anti-Tank - Tier 2
  • Anti-Tank - Tier 3
AMMO BAG UPGRADE BF4 AMMO BAG UPGRADE Increases the maximum number of Ammo Boxes and Ammo Pouches able to be deployed at once by one.
  • Indirect Fire - Tier 1
INDIRECT FIRE BF4 INDIRECT FIRE Increases the maximum ammunition of the M224 Mortar and XM25.
  • Indirect Fire - Tier 3
RESUPPLY UNIT BF4 RESUPPLY UNIT Resupplies ammunition to nearby teammates when occupying a vehicle.
  • Indirect Fire - Tier 4
SUPPRESSION BF4 SUPPRESSION Increases the amount of outgoing suppressive fire by 50%.
  • Perimeter Defense - Tier 2
CLAYMORES BF4 CLAYMORES Increases the maximum number of M18 Claymores able to be held to three.
  • Perimeter Defense - Tier 3
MP-APS UPGRADE BF4 MP-APS UPGRADE Increases the amount of times the MP-APS can deflect incoming explosives before getting destroyed.
  • Perimeter Defense - Tier 4
C4 EXPLOSIVES BF4 C4 EXPLOSIVES Increases the maximum amount of C4 able to be held to six.
  • Spec Ops - Tier 2
MOTION SENSORS BF4 MOTION SENSORS Increases the number of MTN-55 able to be held to five. It also increases the sensing range of the T-UGS and MAV by 40%.
  • Spec Ops - Tier 3
HOLD BREATH BF4 HOLD BREATH Increases the time a player can steady a scope of a sniper rifle by 100%.
  • Sniper - Tier 1
ADVANCED SPOT BF4 ADVANCED SPOT Increases the amount of time an enemy is spotted by 45%.
  • Sniper - Tier 4

Upgrade Paths

All Kits

Name Image Description Specializations Unlocked
Offensive BF4 Offensive Icon These give you quicker sprint speed, more available ammo magazines, one extra hand grenade, and allows you to fall from greater heights without taking any damage, respectively. This universal upgrade path is great for players who enjoy being at the front lines and leading the charge
  • 28000 (Assault)
  • 33000 (Engineer)
  • 27000 (Support)
  • 22000 (Recon)
Defensive BF4 Defensive Icon These grant you increased protection from shots to the chest, a decreased rate of being suppressed, decreased damage from explosions, and a shorter time span before the out-of-combat health regeneration kicks in. If you are more defensive-minded, perhaps playing as Support from the sidelines, this can be an excellent choice. Default
Shadow BF4 Shadow Icon Inspired by the fabled shadow warriors of the Orient, the “SHADOW” career grants you the mystical powers you need to infiltrate enemy territory without being seen. Okay, not really, but it grants you some perks that accumulated will give you an edge when going behind enemy lines. Default

Assault Kit

Name Image Specializations Unlocked
Combat Medic BF4 Combat Medic Icon 63000
Grenadier BF4 Grenadier Icon 141000

Engineer Kit

Name Image Specializations Unlocked
Mechanic BF4 Mechanic Icon 64000
Anti-Tank BF4 Anti-Tank Icon 108000

Support Kit

Name Image Specializations Unlocked
Indirect Fire BF4 Indirect Fire Icon 50000
Perimeter Defense BF4 Perimeter Defense Icon 104000

Recon Kit

Name Image Specializations Unlocked
Spec Ops BF4 Spec Ops Icon 42000
Sniper BF4 Sniper Icon 78000


  • The Shadow path was won in a contest by DICE that was meant to add the most popular of four paths created into Battlefield 4.
  • Some of the paths are based on Battlefield 2 classes, namely Anti-Tank, Spec Ops, and Sniper, based on the Anti-Tank, Special Forces, and Sniper classes respectively.


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