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Finger Gun IRL

A Finger Gun refers to a hand gesture in which a person uses their hand in order to mimic a handgun, with the thumb raised to act as a hammer and one or two fingers extended to act as a gun barrel. The gesture is typically used in a playful or taunting manner. Due to what the gesture represents, however, it can also be seen as a threat for real violence. [1]

Battlefield V

The Handgun is an easter egg weapon that was introduced in a patch on June 25, 2019. [2] In order to acquire the weapon, a mysterious box located around a map must be emitting a green light. The prerequisites for changing the box light from red to green remain unknown. Once the light has turned green, the player must dig up a foxhole that has randomly spawned on a map. Once dug, a model of a Finger Gun will spawn at the bottom of the foxhole.

Interacting with the model will replace the player's primary weapon with the Handgun. "Firing" the weapon will cause the player's character to shout either "Ka-Pow", "Pew", or “Pang”. This will also cause comic speech balloons to appear, spelling out the words as they are shouted. To reload, the player will bend and then manually extend their index finger forward. They will then dislocate and reset their thumb, with their other thumb acting as if a magazine was swapped out. The Finger Gun will be lost upon death.

The weapon is intended as a joke weapon and is clearly not competitive, sporting a maximum 10 damage per shot, requiring a full "magazine" of body shots to kill a single target. The weapon does however have a relatively high rate of fire and zero recoil.



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