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Fire and Ice is a Codex Entry featured in Battlefield 1. It was introduced with Operation Campaigns in November 2017. The codex is unlocked upon completion of the Fire and Ice Operation Campaign. This is done by obtaining 25,000 points in the Brusilove Offensive Operation and 25,000 points in the Devil's Anvil Operation.



Fire and Ice Codex Entry

In December 1915, the Allies held the 2nd Chantilly Conference and agreed that all their armies on the different fronts should coordinate their attacks on the Central Powers to hinder them from sending reserves from one front to another. In accordance with the Chantilly Agreement, the Russian commander of the Southwestern Front of the Imperial Russian Army, General Aleksei Brusilov, planned a massive offensive against the Austro-Hungarians in Galicia for the summer of 1916. The aim of Brusilov's offensive was to ease the pressure on the Allied armies in France and Italy, and hopefully force Austria-Hungary out of the war.

Germany's furious attack on the Verdun heights in February 1916 took the French by surprise, and the hellish fighting soon consumed the bulk of the French army. Marshall Joffre requested that the Russians hasten their plans in the east to draw German forces away from Verdun, and on June 4th Brusilov attacked along a 250-mile front in Galicia. Using revolutionary artillery and shock troop tactics, the Russians broke through the Austro-Hungarian defenses and secured more ground than any other offensive in the war - but at a tremendous loss of lives on both sides. As planned, Germany was forced to transfer substantial resources from Verdun to counter the Russians, aiding the French defense. Austria-Hungary too had to pull troops from the Italian Front, but the Brusilov offensive had severely crippled the Dual Monarchy for the rest of the war.



  • As with other Operation campaign codex entries, players are able to read the Fire and Ice codex on the Operations menu without having the codex unlocked. Upon completion, the multiplayer announcer will proceed to narrate the codex when viewing it in the Operation menu.