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Firestorm is an upcoming battle royale gamemode set to be introduced in Battlefield V around Spring 2019[1]. The gamemode is being developed by Criterion Games in partnership with DICE.[2]


The gamemode will feature sixteen squads of four players in a large scale deathmatch until only one squad survives. Engagement with enemy players is enforced as map boundaries shrink with a ring of fire. This ring will periodically decrease in size as matches progress and will not only kill all who touch it but destroy any structure it comes into contact with. Additionally, the mode will feature vehicles such as tanks and normal transport vehicles. The gamemode is reportedly set on the largest map in the Battlefield series.[3]



  • Announced at the EA Play Event on June 9th, 2018,[4] the idea to add a battle royale mode to Battlefield V came from conversations DICE developers were having about the game inside the studio as opposed to being a directive that EA handed down to the studio. Games such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds were popular among DICE staff members.[5]