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Battlefield 4Edit

"Single use Medic Pack that slowly heals a single soldier to full health, even on the move. Any damage will cancel the heal."

— Battlelog description

The First Aid Pack is an Assault gadget appearing in Battlefield 4 that quickly heals a wounded player back to full health.[1] They resemble Bandages in Battlefield Play4Free—if the player receives damage or is suppressed, healing from the First Aid Pack stops and the item is spent. Assault players can also carry the Medkit in the other Gadget slot.

Much like Medkits in Battlefield 2, the player has a regenerating supply, but only 2 (3 with the Combat Medic upgrade path) can be deployed at a time. Like the Ammo Pack, the First Aid Pack can be thrown further than the Medkit by targeting a friendly player.[2] Either pack will slightly home in on the targeted player while airborne.

The First Aid Pack is consumed by any wounded player that passes near it, restoring a block of 10 hit points each second until they are healed or take damage. This in contrast to the medkit, which is a stationary object that increases the health of any soldier(s) standing around it at a slower rate. A single First Aid Pack regenerates after ten seconds, allowing the player to maintain a constant supply.

Battlefield VEdit

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"Single use field dressing that heals a single soldier on the move. Any damage will cancel the heal."

— In-game description

The Medical Pouch is a gadget featured in Battlefield V, issued to the Medic class. Unlike in previous titles, there is now an animation of the recipient handling the pouch when picked up or caught from a teammate. Additionally, certain players drop Medical Pouches when killed. In the Pre-Alpha, medical pouches do not continue to heal a player to full and will instead replenish a set amount of health only.

Medics can use their own pouches on themselves by holding the appropriate Gadget button, a behavior now shared with the Ammo Pouch.[3] Non-medic players at full health can pick up Medical Pouches to save for when they are wounded.


  • In Battlefield 4, the First Aid Pack will occasionally heal the player to 99% health instead of 100%.