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"Once a haven for skiers and climbers, Fjell 652 has become a frozen battleground. Narrow pathways wind around craggy barriers, forcing attackers to tread carefully, and giving defenders the perfect cover for an ambush. Fortifications can mean the difference between holding and losing precious ground, and anti-air emplacements are the best defense against death from above. Battle here among the clouds is as bitter, and ferocious as the blizzards that strike without warning."

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Fjell 652 is a map set to be featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the This is Battlefield V trailer.

The map takes place in the mountains overlooking the Port of Narvik, after the Franco-British landings there in late May 1940. This action isolated the northern concentration of German forces, who subsequently retreated eastwards towards the Swedish border, adopting a defensive posture on the high ground. Even as the town was being captured however, the deteriorating situation in France compelled the Allies to abandon the Norwegian Campaign, with their evacuation completing on June 8th. Emboldened by this withdrawal, the Germans renewed their offensive, resulting in the capitulation of Norway two days later.


As one of the smallest maps in the game, Fjell 652 is designed primarily to cater to infantry gamemodes, facilitated by a layout inspired by Argonne Forest from Battlefield 1.[1] Frontlines is not available on this map.[2]

Flag LayoutEdit


Battlefield V Fjell 652 Conquest Layout

Conquest is fought between five flags. Air power plays a significant role in this gamemode.


Each team is allocated five aircraft. Aside from stationary weapons, there are no other vehicles.[3]



A: Artillery EmplacementEdit

B: LookoutEdit

C: CabinsEdit

D: OutpostEdit

E: Command CenterEdit

Grand OperationsEdit

Fjell 652 is the second map in the Fall of Norway Grand Operation, following from Narvik, the subject of the first two days of the battle. The Germans make their last stand in the mountains, pursued doggedly up the heights by the British.


Day three uses the Breakthrough ruleset, requiring sectors to be taken and held to push the defenders off the mountain. Owing to its small size, Fjell 652 has the smallest number of sectors in any Operation thus far.

No vehicles are available in this gamemode.

Sector 1Edit

Sector 2Edit

Final StandEdit

A stalemate on day three prolongs the battle. As the weather deteriorates and blizzard conditions set in, teams are left isolated on the peak, locked in a life-or-death struggle to win a final victory.