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The Flamethrower Kit or Flame Trooper is a kit featured in the Battlefield series.

Battlefield Vietnam

For their intended weapons, see M2-2 Flamethrower and Type 100 Flame Thrower

The Flamethrower kit is featured in the official World War II Mod for Battlefield Vietnam. Unlike other kits, it can only be taken from its designated spawnpoint, and exists solely to allow the player character's third person model to change to include the flamethrower tank.


Battlefield 1

This item has a Codex entry: Burning Man

The Flame Trooper is an Elite Kit featured in Battlefield 1.[1].


Flame Troopers are the most common elite soldiers in Singleplayer. They appear on every level except Friends In High Places. They have higher health than standard enemies, but unlike in multiplayer, can be taken down more quickly if the fuel container on their back is targeted - gunfire can rupture the tank, which explodes, killing anyone nearby.

German Flame Troopers appear in the opening chapter of the campaign, Storm of Steel. One German trooper appears in Through Mud and Blood and is seen in the village, while searching for spare plugs for Bess.

Two Ottoman Flame Troopers appear in The Runner, in Fort Nöbet. Another Turkish troopers appear in the occupied village in Nothing Is Written.

The largest number of Flame Troopers appear in Avanti Savoia!. About 10 Austro-Hungarian flamethrower soldiers in seen supporting their infantry while defending Monte Grappa from Italian offensive.


The Flame Trooper kit is obtained via a wooden crate found in fixed locations on certain maps, similar to Battle Pickups from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.

The kit is focused on attacking enemy infantry and fortified positions through the use of one of the most notorious weapons of the conflict - the Wex infantry-portable flamethrower. The user is also equipped with 3 incidenary granades, and most importantly, a fire-retardant suit and a permanently equipped gas mask, which completely protects from incendiary and gas granades, significantly reduces damage from explosives and offers sentry-like armour all around the body, reducing recived gunfire damage by around 83%, at expense of limiting the wearer's mobility and vision.

The primary weapon, while deadly at close range, leaves the operator vulnerable to attack from afar. It can also kill the user if it is activated too close to a wall or fired at the user's feet. Players are also vulnerable to takedowns from behind, a successful bayonet charge, and other situations that would normally cause death, such as roadkills and falls.

In the maps that don't have the Behemoth will offer a selection of elite kits—including the Flame Trooper kit—instead.


Map Game Mode Location
Suez Rush Inside the village 3rd sector.
Fao Fortress Conquest In the fortress on the wall near the tower by the crates flag F.
Rush In the fortress in the tunnel last sector.
Amiens Conquest It can be found at flag B.
Sinai Desert Conquest It can be found at flag E.
Rush In the village last sector.
Empire's Edge Conquest On flag D near the flag by the broken wall.
Argonne Forest Conquest Under the bridge at flag C.
Fort Vaux Conquest It can be found at flag C by the flag.
Nivelle Nights Conquest It can be found in the ruined house facing the German trenches between flag C and D.
Prise de Tahure Conquest On the fountain steps at flag C.
Galicia Conquest Located in the trench at flag D.
Lupkow Pass Conquest By the broken wall facing the Russian spawn at flag G.
Brusilov Keep Conquest Found at the house near flag D by the road to flag B.
Tsaritsyn Conquest Along the western block of buildings, midway along that side of the map.
Cape Helles Conquest Can be found near flag D.



  • In Battlefield 1, a bug currently allows the Flame Trooper to take damage from his/her own Wex (and possibly other sources of flame) after exiting a vehicle.


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