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Churchill Crocodile

A flamethrower-equipped Crocodile in real-life.

A flame tank is the name given to an armored vehicle equipped with an incinedary weapon, such as a flamethrower.

After the invention of the modern handheld flamethrower, it would be soon be apparent that both sides began experimenting with mounted flamethrowers on tanks during World War I. One source states that the A7V was originally designed to carry them but were instead relegated to use by dismounted crew, when the vehicle has been disabled.[1] Other sources states that flamethrowers were eventually used on tanks by the war's end.[2]

By World War II, various flame tank designs and modifications were used by both sides.[3] However, it was the British that invested a lot of resources into armored flamethrowing technology. One result was the Crocodile—a variant of the Churchill heavy tank—towing an armored fuel tank to supply a flamethrower mounted to the front of its hull.

Flamethrowers mainly served as part of psychological warfare, expelling infantry from bunkers, and setting garrisoned buildings ablaze with burning fuel.

Battlefield 1Edit

"Rare versions of this tank actually had flamethrowers, making it effective in close combat. This version can also deploy a defensive gas cloud and restore mobility quickly."

— In-game description

The Flamethrower Package is a Vehicle Package available in Battlefield 1 for the A7V. It features five available seats: one for the driver and four seats for gunners.

The driver has access to the 57mm Cannon firing HE ammunition, and a flamethrower. The front gunner seats are armed with MG 08 heavy machine guns while the rear also have access to flamethrowers.

The Emergency Repair and Gas Emitter specializations are available for use by the driver.

The close ranged nature of the flame weapons makes this ideal for urban maps, such as Amiens, where infantry have limited space to move. The package's weaknesses are lack of rear coverage, and the flamethrowers sometimes obscuring enemy movement.


  • The driver's alternate weapon was originally case ammunition, but was switched to a third flamethrower after a patch.


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