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==Battlefield 1==
"Suited for close range combat. Heavy firepower and the ability to quickly restore mobility. Can deploy anti-tank mines."

— In-game description

The Flanker Package is an unlockable vehicle package available for the FT-17 in Battlefield 1.

Its HE Auto Cannon is good for harassing heavy armor, attacking light armor, and snuffing concealed infantry. Alternate case ammunition is available for dealing with large numbers of infantry.

Its ideal role is to clear opposition pinned down in the open, and quickly dispose of enemy pathfinders attempting to bypass the front line. It can also effect suppression itself to support roaming infantry.

Care should be taken around heavy armor, as the auto cannon is the weakest of all the primary weapons on vehicles. A line of Anti-Tank Mines can be laid in advance of approaching vehicles, or as a means of quickly demolishing walls.

Emergency Track Repair allows the Flanker to avoid being itself the object of ambushes.


  • The May Update reduced the autocannon's effectiveness against infantry by increasing reload time. To maintain effectiveness against vehicles, direct damage was increased.
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