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WW1 Flare Gun IRL.jpg
Webley & Scott Mk III flare pistol, used during WWI
Leuchtpistole IRL.jpeg
A Leuchtpistole Flare Gun, used during WWII
Modern Flare Gun.jpg
A modern 12 Gauge Flare gun

A Flare Gun is a pistol-like device that shoots an incendiary flare. Its main purpose is for signaling, as the lit flare is visible for miles, and can be supplemented with a drag chute that causes the flare to linger in the air longer.

Flares can also be used at night, providing quick illumination of a wide area. The strong flame can also be used to ignite flammable materials from a distance, though the short barrel of the gun typically limits such use. The most common type of flare gun during World War I and World War II were Very Lights which have a single action trigger mechanism, hammer action, center fire pin. Modern variations function in a similar manner and are frequently made out of brightly colored, durable plastic.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

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The subject of this article, Flare Gun, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

The Flare Gun is a cut gadget that was set to appear in Battlefield Vietnam. It still exists in the game files, and much like Battlefield 2's LP7, the weapon has working models, animations, icons, and sounds. When fired, its projectiles will pass directly through any character. When fired at vehicles, the flares will start a small fire which lingers suspended wherever the flare landed.

In an interview with developers from DICE, it was revealed that that projectiles from the Flare gun stuck to players similar to the Tracer Dart Gun and that the reason it was ultimately cut was that it created severe network issues which caused developers to eventually opt to work on the core weapons of the game instead [1].


Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Flare Gun P4F

A render of the Flare Gun

Request Reinforcements is an available combat expertise training option in Battlefield Play4Free. Since it is found on the first tier, only 1 training point is necessary to unlock it. Spending additional training points on this skill will significantly reduce the reload time. It is for Assault players only and is represented by an emergency-flaregun.

A similar training option is available to the Medic Class, known as Front Line Medic.

When activated, the player's teammates that died in his general area will respawn on him. This option is outstandingly good when it comes of need of backup behind enemy lines, making flag capture easier. However, the effect will cancel and its painfully slow "reload" time will start as soon as the player using it dies or enters a vehicle, may causing the user to miss a golden opportunity which could make a difference in the game.


Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 Flare Gun

Garrison hands Pac the flare gun.

During the campaign level Singapore, Garrison hands Pac a flare gun and instructs Tombstone to fire the flare into the air after reaching the Changi Airport, so USS Valkyrie can launch missiles and destroy the airport to prevent Chinese forces from using it.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Flare Gun is a gadget featured in Battlefield 1 for the Scout and Pilot classes. Certain air vehicles may also equip Spotting Flares as a specialization, while flare emplacements can be found on the map Nivelle Nights.

The flare's plume and intense glow can easily be seen from the air or at a distance, potentially allowing secondary use as a signaling device. The flare will stay on the ground for a significant amount of time though it can be destroyed through enemy fire. Flares can inflict minor fire damage through direct hits on infantry and vehicle passengers, or when stepped on.

Two types of ammunition are available, but these are counted as separate gadgets, and both cannot be equipped at the same time by the same player.

The spotting flare gun show's the gun's brass frame, while the flash flare gun has a black finish. The spotting flare is brass with a red line going across its top, while the flash flare is black with red on its upper half.


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"This flare gun shoots projectiles which reveal enemies in their vicinity"

— In-Game Description

The Spotting Flare functions in a similar manner to the motion sensor from Battlefield 4 by spotting enemies and deployed gadgets within range of the fired flare. A red flare is used, emitting yellow smoke as it burns.

A minimap area indicates where a lit flare has landed, providing additional information for the user.

The Spotting Flare is also a Specialization for the Dogfighter Package for Fighter Planes and the Ground Support Package for Attack Planes. Function in the same manner as when used by infantry, it allows pilots to drop flares onto locations which will then spot all enemies within the radius of the flare. The flares can also inflict light fire damage against infantry or exposed passengers.


"This flare gun shoots brightly burning projectiles, blinding players looking at them from nearby."

— In-Game Description

The Flash Flare emits brilliant white light, making it difficult for the enemy to see. Like the Smoke Grenade, it also breaks spotting.


The Signal Flare is one of two special gadgets available to the Infiltrator elite kit. It marks a target area for bombardment by friendly artillery. This flare gun is plated with a shiny metal and has ornate engravings.

As the weapon is fired, the player's minimap expands to show the flight path of the flare, a blue circle indicating the area targeted, and the flare itself appearing green. On enemies' minimap, a corresponding red circle is shown, and the flare appears red.[2] The flare sparks very strongly compared to the normal flare.

The flare gun has an "indirect fire" feature tied to the minimap that allows the user to press Fire while the flare is in flight to make it immediately halt in midair and ignite. The user need not have direct sight of the target area, and can reliably call down artillery in a specific direction and distance away.[3]

The strike takes about 12 seconds to arrive, and lasts roughly 20 seconds, thus far making it the single most damaging ability given to a player. In total, about eighteen shells (six salvos of three shells) will land in the area. The shells appear to be a mix of HE and airburst munitions.

As with other abilities relating to explosives, the user is vulnerable to their own strikes.


Battlefield VEdit

"The flare gun shoots projectiles which reveal enemies in their vicinity."

— In-game description

The Flare Gun is a gadget featured in Battlefield V.


The Flare Gun is featured in the chapter Fraternite Ou La Mort of the Tirailleur War Story. Unlike in multiplayer, the gadget does not spot enemies. Instead it is used to signal the Senegalese Tirailleurs to move forward and engage the enemy. It features unlimited ammunition and can inflict burn damage if an enemy is hit directly.


The Flare Gun is issued to the Recon and Pilot kits. Functioning in a similar manner to Battlefield 1, the gadget will spot enemies within a radius and can inflict burn damage if an enemy comes into contact with the flare. Unlike the previous installment, however, the spotting radius will become larger if fired into the air and will move as the flare descends. Additionally, flares may be destroyed with gunfire from either friendly or enemy forces.



The Spotting Flare Gun and Smoke Flare Gun are both featured in Battlefield V: Firestorm. The Spotting Flare functions the same as in multiplayer. The Smoke Flare Gun is a Squad Reinforcement and is available in four rarities. Each rarity determines the color of the Flare Gun itself as well as the smoke it produces when launched.


Battlefield 4Edit

  • The model of the flare gun is a modified MP-412 REX model with a tube covering the barrel and cylinder.[4]

Battlefield 1Edit

  • In Battlefield 1, the Flare Gun's smoke effects function differently when the flare is in flight from when it lands. In some cases—such as Seren Gallery on Monte Grappa, a flare fired underground may have its stationary smoke appear above ground.[5]
  • The Flare Gun in Battlefield 1 is modeled after a Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III* Signal Pistol.
  • The flares in Battlefield 1 incorrectly behave as though they are caseless, with the user never seen ejecting their cases.


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