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Two Variants of the Flare Gun are available in Battlefield V

Flare Gun[]

"The flare gun shoots projectiles which reveal enemies in their vicinity."

— In-game description

The Flare Gun is a gadget featured in Battlefield V.


The Flare Gun is featured in the chapter "Fraternite Ou La Mort" of the Tirailleur War Story. Unlike in multiplayer, the gadget does not spot enemies. Instead it is used to signal the Senegalese Tirailleurs to move forward and engage the enemy. It features unlimited ammunition and can inflict burn damage if an enemy is hit directly.


The Flare Gun is issued to the Recon and Pilot kits. Functioning in a similar manner to Battlefield 1, the gadget will spot enemies within a modest radius and can inflict burn damage if an enemy comes into contact with the flare. Unlike the previous installment, however, the spotting radius will become larger if fired into the air and will move as the flare descends by parachute. This spotting radius is also shown on other players minimaps as a blue (default) circle. When fired from an altitude beyond 100m from applicable surface, the flares radius will drastically shrink.

Flares may also be utilized with certain vehicles. As a Vehicle specialization for the Valentine AA Mk I, Panzer 38(t), Panzer IV, F4U Corsair and the Zero while being the default equip on the squad reinforcement Sturmtiger and stock Fighters.

Flares may be destroyed with gunfire from either friendly or enemy forces. All enemy flares appear red, while friendly flares are yellow.

Enemy flares also leave a trail of smoke from where it was just fired, Giving the shooters location away to more attentive players.



The Spotting Flare Gun and Smoke Flare Gun are both featured in Firestorm. The Spotting Flare functions the same as in multiplayer. The Smoke Flare Gun is a Squad Reinforcement and is available in four rarities. Each rarity determines the color of the Flare Gun itself as well as the smoke it produces when launched.

Doppel Schuss[]

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"Adopted by German naval crews as they rose to prominence early in the war. Used to signal and illuminate where no other lights were available, in the middle of the sea."

— In-game Description

The Doppel Schuss is a gadget introduced in the 2020 Summer Update. It is available for the Recon class.

Unlike the parachute flares used by the standard Flare Gun, the Doppel Schuss fires flares that stick to surfaces (including vehicles). The main advantages over the Flare Gun is that the doubled-barrelled launcher has twice the ammunition capacity for both starting and max ammo, while its use of ground-based spotting flares mean they are less likely to be seen and shot down. The disadvantages of this system is that the flares have a smaller spotting radius that cannot be increased by sticking them to high objects. Caution should also be taken when firing the gadget in undergrowth, bushes or indoors, as they can stick to small objects such as leaves or window frames and potentially harm the user in the process.