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M84 stun grenade

A flashbang in real life (M84 variant).

A Flashbang (can also be called a Stun Grenade) is a small explosive device that, when thrown, emits a large flash of light and a very loud bang to temporarily blind and deafen those affected. They are commonly used by military forces in house clearing and surgical raids.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Flashbang BF 2

The Flashbang in Battlefield 2: Special Forces.

In Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the Flashbang is a new gadget added to the Assault kit. They blind and deafen anyone caught within the blast radius.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The traps in the mission Upriver trigger flashbangs which temporarily blinds the player and attracts the attention of a number of Bolivian militiamen who then ambush the squad.

In No One Gets Left Behind, there are a few traps too with flashbangs. When the player meets up their squad and looks down on the first camp, the player can go right or left. There is a little hidden way that ends at the first prisoner the player can rescue. On this way, there are 3 disarmable flashbang traps.

A flashbang is later used by a Russian soldier during Zero Dark Thirty, when the player enters a small sewer area around the end of the mission. It will only blind the player for about 3 seconds, if the player is even looking towards the blast.

It is never available to the player.

Battlefield 3


Flashbangs make an appearance in Battlefield 3, again as a singleplayer-only gadget. The item is used during Operation Guillotine as the player storms the vaults of the bank in Tehran, to stun the enemies at the entrance of the elevator shaft. Also, several enemies on the same mission use Flashbangs to serve as distractions for the player.

Dima also throws a Flashbang at the computer room of the bank during Comrades to temporarily halt the insurgents guarding the nuclear case.

It is lastly seen being used by Cole's squad in Night Shift while assaulting the presumed apartment of Faruk Al-Bashir.

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