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"Take the fight to South Africa on a map that promises up-close and personal combat."

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Flashpoint is a map of Battlefield 2042, introduced in Eleventh Hour season on February 28th, 2023.


"We need all No-Pat forces redirected to the Richtersveld. This is priority one. Claim the rocket fuel facility and the machine inside, and if you see the saboteur known as Oz...use caution. You might know him, but don't trust him. He's done unbelievable damage to our operational security. We've backed you from the beginning, No-Pats. Remember that. Command out."

— American Briefing

"You're being deployed to South Africa, in the Richtersveld. The site of an illegal American fuel operation. But their forces aren't looking to launch rockets this time. They want the No-Pat rebels encamped here. If you come across Oz, take him dead or alive. But if you see his machine - leave it intact. We need that tech. The world needs it, and we won't let America's secrets threaten us any longer."

— Russian Briefing


US Deployment[]

Russian Deployment[]


A: Water Treatment[]

B: Wellspring Access[]

C: Fuel Processing[]

D: Construction Tunnel[]

E: Mineral Extraction[]

F: Reactor Maintenance[]

G: Solar Substation[]

Conquest 64[]

The Conquest 64 version uses the same layout as 128 players-Conquest but with reduced tickets and vehicles count.


"We need reinforecements deployed ASAP to the Richtersveld in South Africa. Our troops are holding against a two-pronged attack from Russia and local No-Pat rebels led by Oz. Let me be clear: we want Russia out, but Oz is also our enemy. Fight for this territory, and take complete control. Loyalty will be rewarded. You're dropping hot, so get ready."

— American Briefing

"This contract is different from the others. You're to deploy in South Africa near an abandoned fuel extraction facility. It is currently occupied by both American soldiers and rebel No-Pats. Focus on the U.S., but watch your back. Once we have secured enough territory. we can reclaim the machine the No-Pat leader, Oz, has hidden underground. Raze everything else. This is not a battle our forces can afford to lose."

— Russian Briefing

Sector 1[]

Sector 2[]

Sector 3[]

Sector 4[]

Sector 5[]



  • The map's internal name is MP_Boulder.
  • A pair of red shoes from Mirror's Edge (another game developed by DICE) can be found in sector D.