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Flintlock Pistol IRL

A flintlock pistol circa 1700–1730

A flintlock pistol is a pistol that utilizes a flint-striking ignition mechanism. Introduced in the early 17th century, they were generally used for self-defense and were available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Battlefield Heroes[]

"Super Accuracy and Super Damage makes this slow reloading weapon very dangerous. Remember to go for Head Shots for bonus damage!"

— In-Game Description

Two flintlock pistols are available in Battlefield Heroes: the Royal Army Jack's Cloudmaker and National Army Hector's Hatred. Both weapons are statistically identical and are available for all classes. They were introduced on May 18, 2011 for the Summer of Heroes update.

Each pistol deals an extremely high damage output of 17 points of damage but only holds one round at a time. Damage is dramatically increased with headshots, dealing 60 points of damage per shot. This makes the weapon ideal for either weakening an opponent or picking off a weakened opponent.