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"Fucking Tuesdays, man. I never get my shit together on Tuesdays."

— Flynn

Flynn (call sign: "Ghost Rider") is a character in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


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"Get outta my way! I gotta save me some cheerleaders!"
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Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Flynn is the helicopter pilot who flies Bravo-Two Charlie to their missions in the course of the campaign. At first, he is at odds with Haggard, who calls him "A silly, God damned, muffin headed, fucking liberal." Flynn does have a certain hippie demeanor, often commenting on things being bad for his karma and being very peaceful at odd times.

He is a skilled pilot showing at one point he can easily dodge RPG's early on in Heart of Darkness, much to the squad's relief. He was shot down in No One Gets Left Behind by a Javelin and brought into a POW camp. He claims to be a "pacifist" and doesn't engage in combat at all during the campaign until he has to save Marlowe from a Latin American Militia soldier, and then the entire squad with his UH-60 Black Hawk in his final appearance, where he guns down several soldiers that were ordered by Arkady Kirilenko to kill Bravo-Two. Almost immediately afterwards, Flynn is shot down by a RPG-7 and subsequently killed as his helicopter explodes.


  • His last words are referenced in the trophy/achievement "Thanks for the smokes, brother!"
  • His helicopter has a much more detailed interior than the model used in multiplayer.
  • In the intro to "Heart of Darkness", Flynn dodges an RPG, saying that they're "easy to dodge. Now if it was a Javelin, then I'd have to do something real tricky," which is ironic as he is later shot down by a Javelin, and later on, killed by an RPG-7.
  • Flynn tries to keep his karma clean, but sometimes has no choice but to kill enemy soldiers. Ironically, when Flynn is forced to kill an enemy squad to save Bravo-Two Charlie, he is shot down.
  • His call sign, "Ghost Rider", is a possible reference to the movie "Top Gun," as it is the call sign of Maverick's flight. Although, it may be a possible reference to the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Stan Jones
  • Haggard refers to Flynn by many terms, such as "Space muffin", "Muffin head", "Pinko Commie Liberal" and ultimately "Silly, Goddamn, Muffin-Headed, Fucking Liberal". In his final appearance, though, Haggard calls Flynn his friend.
  • If the player waits around in the following mission after Flynn's death, Zero Dark Thirty, the squad comments on how they didn't even know his full name and that they would miss him. Haggard mentions he would have like to have a memento of Flynn, such as his glasses, and he and Sweetwater then get into an argument about aviator sunglasses.
  • His voice actor also portrays Faraday.
  • His name may be a reference to the movie 28 Weeks Later where one of the soldiers from District One is a helicopter pilot named Flynn.