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Real life folding grips, folded (left) and unfolded (right).

A folding foregrip is a weapon attachment that can be folded flat against the weapon barrel, or unfolded to firing position. This helps prevent the weapon from snagging on objects or clothing, and other situations where a non-folding grip might prove troublesome. Depending on the model, folding grips may extend to 90° vertical, 45°, or other customizable angles.

Battlefield 4[]

"Customized folding foregrip to improve the ergonomic application of firepower. Improves Stability by reducing first shot recoil by 33%."

— Battlelog description

The Folding Grip in Battlefield 4 is an attachable 45° grip for many infantry primary weapons. It has the same function and benefits as the Angled Grip, differing only aesthetically. It reduces the recoil from the first round fired, as well as all shots fired in semi-auto including those from DMRs, select fire weapons, and semi-auto shotguns. This can help the player better land shots as recoil will less hinder their aim, and can help players control weapons with higher recoil or higher first shot recoil multipliers more efficiently.

The grip pairs well with the Heavy Barrel, as the additional recoil from the barrel will be alleviated slightly. This combination works especially well for DMRs, as the reduced spread will allow for more accurate shots and the recoil of the weapon will not be substantially higher than normal.

Like all other grips in Battlefield 4, it reduces the spread decrease of a weapon by 33%, meaning that it will take longer for a weapon's accuracy to reset.

The MP7 has a Folding Grip attached by default, which cannot be replaced with any other underbarrel attachments.


The Folding Grip appears as a model for the Angled Grip in Battlefield Hardline.