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For the similar cars in Battlefield Hardline, see Squad Car and Police Cruiser.
Ford mondeo china police

A Ford Mondeo of the Chinese police.

The Ford Mondeo is a mid-size or large sedan manufactured by the Ford Motor Company from 1992 onwards. It is used by police forces in many countries.

Battlefield 3Edit

The Police Car is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 3 that is not available for use by the player.


In the mission Comrades, the cars are used by the National Police on roadblock to stop Dima and his team.

The player rides in it in "The Great Destroyer". After making his way out of the subway, Blackburn is picked up by Montes, who had stolen an NYPD police cruiser in order to pursue Solomon who had fled in an SUV. The player rides in the passenger seat and can fire a 92FS pistol out the window.


These cars also appear in Drop 'Em Like Liquid and The Eleventh Hour, where they are used by friendly National Police officers assisting the players.


Battlefield 4Edit

Police cars are vehicle featured in Battlefield 4 in during the riots seen in the Shanghai singleplayer mission. They are used by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security. Some SWAT officers can be seen out of Zhi Yu Tower near these cars with batons or QBZ-95-1 rifles. Police cars can also be seen on the highway in the singleplayer mission Singapore, but no Singapore Police officer can be seen. They are unable to be driven by the player at any point.



Battlefield 3Edit

  • The French license plate reads "666 PXX 77". In reality, the "77" indicates Seine-et-Marne in Ile-de-France, whereas Paris is "75".
  • If a police car explodes in the Paris missions, the explosion won't kill the player, like other cars do.
  • The National Police paint pattern differs from its real-life counterpart, although it does include the same colors overall.

Battlefield 4Edit

  • The livery for the Chinese police car in Shanghai inaccurately places the side blue stripe under the word "公安" ("Public Security") instead of the police emblem. The hood is also incorrectly marked with 公安 instead of 警察 ("Police").

Battlefield HardlineEdit

  • In an earlier development build of the game, the Ford Mondeo/Fusion from Battlefield 3 was used instead of the Squad Car.[1]


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