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Fortifications are a new gameplay feature introduced in Battlefield V. Fortifications allow players to construct their own structures during matches by utilizing a toolbox. Each class can construct the standard defensive fortifications, but the Support kit can also construct offensive fortifications as well as build at a much faster rate.[1]

The Toolbox, a gadget always carried by each class (similarly to the Gas Mask in Battlefield 1), is the primary item used to build these fortifications. When equipped by a player, the tool being used will change based on the contextual action the player intends to perform, ranging from a hammer for putting up wooded barricades, a wrench when constructing stationary weapons and tank traps, a shovel when digging earthworks or a sandbag when building up sandbag walls. The Advanced Toolbox carried by certain kits also includes a Blowtorch for repairing vehicles and emplaced weapons.

Fortifications can only be built at certain locations on a map. These positions are indicated on the minimap, and shown in outline with a hammer icon when the toolbox is actively equipped.

Fortifications can only be removed using explosives or heavy vehicles, and will resist most other projectiles. The toolbox cannot be used to attack enemy players or vehicles, nor used to dismantle standing fortifications. Some partially demolished fortifications can be replaced anew, while some others like the anti-tank obstacle can only be built once.

List of FortificationsEdit


  • Sandbags
  • Foxholes
  • Hedgehogs
  • Trenches
  • Barbed Wire
  • Anti-tank obstacles
  • Wall reinforcements
  • Supply Station
  • Bridges
  • Wooden barriers
  • Snow barriers


Offensive fortifications require the Advanced Toolbox carried by the Support, Tanker and Pilot kits.


  • Snowman



Battlefield V Closed AlphaEdit

  • As neutral structures, fortifications can be cooperatively built by friend and foe.
  • Offensive fortifications cannot be towed.
  • When idle with a toolbox, the player's third-person model shows them holding only a hammer.
  • Fortifications can be completed while other players or vehicles occupy the same space, but the fortification itself will not appear until the obstruction is removed.