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A fragmentation grenade, or Frag Grenade for short, is a type of lethal grenade that releases high-speed fragmentations during the explosion to harm enemy infantry. These grenades may use either time fuse or impact fuse, and come in a variety of sizes. They are one of the most common grenades in a modern battlefield, and are often synonymous with Hand Grenades.

Frag Grenades had appeared in all games in the Battlefield series. The Frag Grenade is often the standard grenade available to players, and all use a timed fuse with a simple area-of-effect damage model.

Other fragmentation grenades in real life such as Impact Grenades or Mini Grenades are also depicted in Battlefield games, but they have slightly different properties to merit distinct categories.



  • Sprinting and/or jumping while throwing a grenade can help the player extend the throwing range, which will help them in killing targets from further away.
  • In many Battlefield titles, the player can pull the pin and hold the grenade for as long as needed to aim. The spoon will not be released—and thus the grenade's fuse will not arm—until the player throws the grenade, or is killed mid-throw and drops it.
  • If a player is killed while attempting to throw a grenade, the live grenade can kill the user's teammates. The player who killed the user will be credited with these kills.