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A fragmentation grenade, or Frag Grenade for short, is a type of lethal grenade that releases high-speed fragmentations during the explosion to harm enemy infantry. These grenades may use either time fuse or impact fuse, and come in a variety of sizes. They are one of the most common grenades in a modern battlefield, and are often synonymous with Hand Grenades.

Frag Grenades had appeared in all games in the Battlefield series. The Frag Grenade is often the standard grenade available to players, and all use a timed fuse with a simple area-of-effect damage model.

Other fragmentation grenades in real life such as Impact Grenades or Mini Grenades are also depicted in Battlefield games, but they have slightly different properties to merit distinct categories.

Battlefield 1942[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield 1942

In Battlefield 1942, Grenades are issued to all classes, except the Engineer Kit. They can cause a large amount of damage over a large radius, easily killing infantry in a single blast, but it takes 3 seconds before detonating, so tracking a target is required to kill. Throwing them in bottle neck positions, such as bridges or in buildings, can easily clear a large amount of infantry.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Vietnam

In Battlefield Vietnam, Grenades are almost always issued to the Assault Kit of any faction and an option for the Heavy Assault Kit of the NVA.

Battlefield 2[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield 2

"The hand grenade, an effective fragmentation explosive, can be thrown long-distance or rolled for more accurate placement. It has a four second fuse."

— In-game description

In Battlefield 2, hand grenades are standard issue to each playable faction. They are found on all Kits except the Assault Kit. They do high damage in a small radius. Scoring a direct hit with the initial throw will kill the target instantly.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, hand grenades are only issued to the Assault and Support kits, the former of which also receives an underbarrel grenade launcher and AN-M8 Smoke Grenades.

The grenades are faction specific, but all function identically. The EU and USMC are issued the M61 Frag Grenade, the PLA is issued the Type 79 Frag Grenade, and the MEC receives the RGO-78 Frag Grenade.

Battlefield 2142[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield 2142

"Hand-thrown, the FRG-1 is a modernized Fragmentation Grenade which yields a small but highly lethal explosive radius. By substituting the traditional TNT filler with the RDX chemical compound, PNC (polyethyl nitrate cyclobutane) the grenade offers a lighter grenade with enhanced effectiveness."

— In-game description.

In Battlefield 2142, two FRG-1s are available as the first Player Ability Unlock.

Battlefield: Bad Company[]

In Battlefield: Bad Company, HG-2s are given to the Assault, Specialist Kit and Demolition Kit. It is a secondary weapon, so one must switch to it and then throw it. It inflicts high damage to infantry, often killing with a single grenade, but has relatively no effect to vehicles. With the amount and effectiveness of grenades, many players simply throw grenades at enemy bases until they get a kill; this is known as grenade spamming.

Each Kit has a maximum of 5 grenades.


Battlefield Heroes[]

In Battlefield Heroes, there are two varieties of the hand grenade. The grenade can only be used by the Soldier Class, either using it as an explosive weapon or through the ability "Grenade Spam."

The "Grenade Spam" ability allows the user to throw multiple grenades at once. The National Army's grenade is similar to a World War II-era German M24 Stielhandgranate while the Royal Army's grenade is similar to the Allies most widely used grenades; the Mk 2 and the Mills Bomb.


Battlefield 1943[]

In Battlefield 1943, Hand Grenades are given to the Rifleman Kit and Infantry Kit for the IJN (Type 97) and the USMC (Mk.2).

The grenades performance is exactly the same as in Battlefield: Bad Company, only the player is not obligated to switch to them, the simple press of the button will immediately cook and the release of the button will throw it.

Each Kit has a maximum of 2 grenades (once all used, the amount "regenerates").


Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Bad Company 2

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the grenades are always given to the player, in both single player and multiplayer.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Play4Free

The Frag Grenade in Battlefield Play4Free.

The Hand Grenade is a gadget featured in Battlefield Play4Free for every kit. It can be obtained using points in the tier 1 equipment expertise Frag Grenade training option. Its explosion range is about 5 meters; higher levels of the Frag grenade training option increase the number of grenades carried and their damage against vehicles.

Battlefield 3[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield 3

"A common defensive hand grenade, the M67 has a 3.5 second fuse and can be thrown approximately 30 meters by the average soldier. The lethal effect of this grenade is limited against targets with modern body armor."

— Battlelog description

The M67 Grenade is a grenade featured in Battlefield 3. It is unlocked by default for all kits, and cannot be replaced.

Battlefield 4[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield 4

"Standard timed fuze hand grenade with all around performance and balanced range and damage."

— Battlelog description

Hand grenades return in Battlefield 4 and function similarly to its predecessor Battlefield 3. The M67 Frag is the default for all players. However, new grenades types have been added including the M34 Incendiary, M84 Flashbang and hand-thrown Smoke Grenades. The M67 hand grenade deals the most damage at once of all of these and has a larger radius, but each kit only gets one M67 hand grenade.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"Standard timed fuze hand grenade with all around performance and balanced range and damage."

— In-Game Description

The M67 Grenade is a gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline. It is the default grenade issued to players and is one of two explosive grenades available, the other being the Molotov/Incendiary Device which have an initial blast. The M67 does the most direct damage of any of the grenades and has a large blast radius, capable of killing nearby players in one blast. However, unlike most of the other grenades, except for the M18 Smoke, only one M67 is given to each kit and they take a very long time to resupply from Ammunition Boxes.

Battlefield 1[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield 1

This item has a Codex entry: Hand Grenades
"Standard timed fuze hand grenade with high damage."

— In-game description

The Frag Grenade returns in Battlefield 1 as one of many grenade types available, inflicting up to fatal damage against infantry and minor damage against vehicles. The full lineup resembles that of Battlefield 4, with the addition of two Anti-Tank Grenades and a Gas Grenade.

Battlefield V[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield V

"Standard timed fuze hand grenade with high damage."

— In-game description

The Frag Grenade appears in Battlefield V, functioning in a same manner as in Battlefield 1. It is the default grenade for all infantry kits except for Support that cannot equip it. The appearance of the grenade changes depending on what faction a player is assigned to.

Battlefield 2042[]

Main article: Frag Grenade/Battlefield 2042

The Frag Grenade is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2042. It is an available option for all Specialists.


  • Sprinting and/or jumping while throwing a grenade can help the player extend the throwing range, which will help them in killing targets from further away.
  • In many Battlefield titles, the player can pull the pin and hold the grenade for as long as needed to aim. The spoon will not be released—and thus the grenade's fuse will not arm—until the player throws the grenade, or is killed mid-throw and drops it.
  • If a player is killed while attempting to throw a grenade, the live grenade can kill the user's teammates. The player who killed the user will be credited with these kills.


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