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In Battlefield 1942, Grenades are issued to all classes, except the Engineer Kit. They can cause a large amount of damage over a large radius, easily killing infantry in a single blast, but it takes 3 seconds before detonating, so tracking a target is required to kill. Throwing them in bottle neck positions, such as bridges or in buildings, can easily clear a large amount of infantry.

Hand grenades are quite effective against vehicles. Only two grenades are needed to destroy light vehicles like a Willys MB or a Katyusha, and the blast can also throw these vehicles off course. Hand grenades are not so effective against tanks, but they can cause a substantial amount of damage if they explode under the tanks.

The grenades come in the Mk.II or Stielhandgranate variants, depending if the player is on the Allies or Axis respectively. The German and Italian Stielhandgranates will have German writing on them, while the Japanese ones will have Japanese kanji on them. Each Kit with hand grenades carries a maximum of 3.


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