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"The hand grenade, an effective fragmentation explosive, can be thrown long-distance or rolled for more accurate placement. It has a four second fuse."

— In-game description

In Battlefield 2, hand grenades are standard issue to each playable faction. They are found on all Kits except the Assault Kit (with one exception, see below), which replaces them with an under-barrel grenade launcher, and the Anti-Tank Kit, which uses a rocket launcher instead. They do high damage in a small radius. Scoring a direct hit with the initial throw will kill the target instantly.

As the G3 unlock for Assault has no grenade launcher, the Kit comes with grenades when it is used. They have the same stats for each team, as well as using the same model (an M67 Fragmentation Grenade). All Kits except the Assault and Anti-Tank Kits receive 4 grenades.


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