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Overview 2042

"Tactical anti-personel explosive with a delayed timer.

Minor damage to vehicles." — In-game description

The Frag Grenade is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2042. It is a throwable option for all Specialists, and it is default for all classes except Support.[1]

Fuze timing appears to continue Battlefield 1's system of arming after ground impact with a short delay, rather than the fixed timer of the games before it. The grenade will have a fuze about 5 seconds to explode after impact, and it can thrown back like Battlefield V. [2]

Compared to other titles in the series, Frag Grenade appears to deal more damage to both infantry and vehicles in Battlefield 2042. When fully close, frag grenades can cause around 10 to 15 damage to most armored vehicles, although the description states "Minor damage to vehicles".

The spoon of the grenade is finally depicted flying out of the grenade when thrown, and it will have a tiny sound effect.

For Battlefield Portal titles, BF3 Portal has M67 Grenade and BC2 Portal has its iconic Frag Grenade as default throwable gadget for all classes. The 1942 Portal has optional Mk II Grenade (default) or Stick Grenade served as frag grenades for all classes except Engineer, while they have ExpPack as throwable gadget.