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"Hand-thrown, the FRG-1 is a modernized Fragmentation Grenade which yields a small but highly lethal explosive radius. By substituting the traditional TNT filler with the RDX chemical compound, PNC (polyethyl nitrate cyclobutane) the grenade offers a lighter grenade with enhanced effectiveness."

— In-game description.

In Battlefield 2142, two FRG-1s are available as the first Player Ability Unlock.

If a player has unlocked the "Extra Grenade" ability, they will have three grenades when spawn. They have a decent amount of power, they easily kill lightly armored infantry. Heavy armored infantry can still be killed by them, but they will need to be close to the blast radius. Both the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition use the same FRG-1 model for the hand grenade.

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