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Overview BFV

"Standard timed fuze hand grenade with high damage."

— In-game description

The Frag Grenade appears in Battlefield V, functioning in a same manner as in Battlefield 1. It is the default grenade for all infantry kits except for Support that cannot equip it. The appearance of the grenade changes depending on what faction a player is assigned to. The United Kingdom utilizes the Mills Bomb, Germany the Model 24 Stielhandgranate, USA the MkII Grenade, and Japan the Type 97 Hand Grenade.

Unlike past installments, grenades can now be shot out of the air, and can be thrown back. Grenades can no longer be resupplied with Ammo Pouchs or Ammo Boxes. Instead, players can only resupply grenades at Ammo Supply Stations.

Frag Grenades have a moderate timer, but must first reach ground. This behavior is similar to Battlefield 1, but with a much longer time to detonate.