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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Frag Grenade}}
{{Weapon Nav|bf1942=1|bfv=1|bf2=1|bfmc=1|bf2142=1|bfbc=1|bf1943=1|bfh=1|bfp4f=1|bfbc2=1|bf3=1|bf4=1|bfhl=1|bf1=1|bf5=1}}
{{Weapon Nav|bf1942=1|bfv=1|bf2=1|bfmc=1|bf2142=1|bfbc=1|bf1943=1}}
{{Weapon Nav 2|bfh=1|bfp4f=1|bfbc2=1|bf3=1|bf4=1|bfhl=1|bf1=1|bf5=1}}
|image1 = [[File:Handgrenade.jpg]]
|image1 = [[File:Handgrenade.jpg]]
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Other fragmentation grenades in real life such as [[Impact Grenade]]s or [[Mini Grenade]]s are also depicted in ''Battlefield'' games, but they have slightly different properties to merit distinct categories.{{clear}}
Other fragmentation grenades in real life such as [[Impact Grenade]]s or [[Mini Grenade]]s are also depicted in ''Battlefield'' games, but they have slightly different properties to merit distinct categories.{{clear}}
|-|BF1942 =
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield 1942|Battlefield 1942]]
==Battlefield 1942==
*[[Frag Grenade/Vietnam|Battlefield Vietnam]]
In ''[[Battlefield 1942]]'', Grenades are issued to all classes, except the [[Engineer (Kit)|Engineer Kit]]. They can cause a large amount of damage over a large radius, easily killing infantry in a single blast, but it takes 3 seconds before detonating, so tracking a target is required to kill. Throwing them in bottle neck positions, such as bridges or in buildings, can easily clear a large amount of infantry.
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield 2|Battlefield 2]]
*[[Frag Grenade/Modern Combat |Battlefield 2: Modern Combat]]
Hand grenades are quite effective against vehicles. Only two grenades are needed to destroy light vehicles like a [[Willys MB]] or a [[Katyusha]], and the blast can also throw these vehicles off course. Hand grenades are not so effective against tanks, but they can cause a substantial amount of damage if they explode under the tanks.
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield 2142|Battlefield 2142]]
*[[Frag Grenade/Bad Company|Battlefield: Bad Company]]
The grenades come in the Mk.II or Stielhandgranate variants, depending if the player is on the Allies or Axis respectively. The German and Italian Stielhandgranates will have German writing on them, whilst the Japanese ones will have Japanese kanji on them. Each Kit with hand grenades carries a maximum of 3.
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield 1943|Battlefield 1943]]
*[[Frag Grenade/Heroes|Battlefield Heroes]]
*[[Frag Grenade/Play4Free|Battlefield Play4Free]]
*[[Frag Grenade/Bad Company 2|Battlefield: Bad Company 2]]
File:BF1942_ALLIED_GRENADE.png|Allied grenade
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield 3|Battlefield 3]]
File:BF1942_AXIS_GRENADE.png|Axis grenade
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield 4|Battlefield 4]]
File:BF1942_JAPANESE_GRENADE.png|Japanese grenade
*[[Frag Grenade/Hardline|Battlefield Hardline]]
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield 1|Battlefield 1]]
*[[Frag Grenade/Battlefield V|Battlefield V]]
|-|BFVietnam =
==Battlefield Vietnam==
|sound = American Grenade
[[File:BFV Grenade Toss.ogg]]}}
In ''[[Battlefield Vietnam]]'', Grenades are almost always issued to the [[Assault (Kit)|Assault Kit]] of any faction and an option for the [[Heavy Assault (Kit)|Heavy Assault Kit]] of the [[North Vietnam|NVA]].
The only exception is when the hand grenades are replaced by the XM148 grenade launcher on a CAR-15. They act as they do in ''Battlefield 1942''. The [[United States of America|Americans]] and [[South Vietnam]]ese use the Mk. II whilst the [[North Vietnam]]ese and [[Viet Cong]] use the Type 67 (a Chinese copy of the M24 Stielhandgranate). Each Kit with hand grenades carries a maximum of 4 grenades.
BFV NVA GRENADE.PNG|North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong grenade
BFV US GRENADE.PNG|American and South Vietnamese grenade
===WWII mod===
In ''[[Battlefield Vietnam]]''<nowiki>'</nowiki>s WWII mod, Grenades are issued to the [[Assault]], [[Heavy Assault]], [[Scout]] and [[Flamethrower (kit)|Flamethrower]] kits. They have the same stats and performance from the base game, and use the same models; the NVA grenades are used by the Imperial Japanese Army, whilst the American grenades are used by the US Marines.
|-|BF2 =
==Battlefield 2==
|image = [[File:Hgrenade ushgr m67.png|256px]]
|name = M67 Hand Grenade
|damage = 140
|startammo = 4
|source = <ref>[ BF2S Wiki <nowiki>|</nowiki> Hand Grenades] - retrieved January 12, 2011</ref>
|sound = [[File:BF2 Grenade Throwing.ogg]]|magazine =
|radius = 9m}}
{{Quote|The hand grenade, an effective fragmentation explosive, can be thrown long-distance or rolled for more accurate placement. It has a four second fuse.|In-game description}}
In ''[[Battlefield 2]]'', hand grenades are standard issue to each playable faction. They are found on all Kits except the Assault Kit (with one exception, see below), which replaces them with an under-barrel grenade launcher, and the [[Anti-Tank (Kit)|Anti-Tank Kit]], which uses a rocket launcher instead. They do high damage in a small radius. Scoring a direct hit with the initial throw will kill the target instantly.
As the [[G3]] unlock for Assault has no grenade launcher, the Kit comes with grenades when it is used. They have the same stats for each team, as well as using the same model (an M67 Fragmentation Grenade). All Kits except the Assault and Anti-Tank Kits receive 4 grenades.
|-|BF2MC =
==Battlefield 2: Modern Combat==
|image = <gallery>
MC m61.png|M61
MC t79.png|Type 79
|damage = High-Medium
|startammo = 3 Grenades
|kit = [[File:MC assault.png|20px]] [[Assault]]<br>
[[File:MC support.png|20px]] [[Support]]}}
In ''[[Battlefield 2: Modern Combat]]'', hand grenades are only issued to the [[Assault]] and [[Support]] kits, the former of which also receives an underbarrel grenade launcher and [[Smoke Grenade|AN-M8 Smoke Grenades]]. The grenades are faction specific, but all function identically. The [[EU]] and [[USMC]] are issued the '''M61 Frag Grenade''', the [[PLA]] is issued the '''Type 79 Frag Grenade''', and the [[MEC]] receives the '''RGO-78 Frag Grenade'''.
|-|BF2142 =
==Battlefield 2142==
|image = [[File:FRG-1.png|256px]]
|name = FRG-1 Hand Grenade
|startammo = 2
|damage = 140
|magazine =
|maxammo = 3 (with upgrade)
|radius = 9m
|kit = All}}
{{Quote|Hand-thrown, the FRG-1 is a modernized Fragmentation Grenade which yields a small but highly lethal explosive radius. By substituting the traditional TNT filler with the RDX chemical compound, PNC (polyethyl nitrate cyclobutane) the grenade offers a lighter grenade with enhanced effectiveness.|In-game description.}}
In ''[[Battlefield 2142]]'', two FRG-1s are available as the first Player Ability Unlock.
If a player has unlocked the "Extra Grenade" ability, they will have three grenades when spawn. They have a decent amount of power, they easily kill lightly armored infantry. Heavy armored infantry can still be killed by them, but they will need to be close to the blast radius. Both the [[European Union Army]] and the [[Pan-Asian Coalition Army]] use the same FRG-1 model for the hand grenade.
|-|BFBC =
==Battlefield: Bad Company==
In ''[[Battlefield: Bad Company]]'', '''HG-2'''s are given to the Assault, [[Specialist (Kit)|Specialist Kit]] and [[Demolition (Kit)|Demolition Kit]]. It is a secondary weapon, so one must switch to it and then throw it. It inflicts high damage to infantry, often killing with a single grenade, but has relatively no effect to vehicles. With the amount and effectiveness of grenades, many players simply throw grenades at enemy bases until they get a kill; this is known as grenade spamming.
Each Kit has a maximum of 5 grenades.
File:BFBC_HG-2.jpg|The HG-2 in ''Battlefield: Bad Company''
|-|BF1943 =
==Battlefield 1943==
|image = <gallery>
MK2 BF1943.png|Mk.2
Type 97 BF1943.png|Type 97
|name = Mk. II Pineapple/Type 97 Hand Grenade
|damage = High
|maxammo = 2 grenades
|kit = Rifleman & Infantry kits
|faction = [[File:Flag of the United States.svg|20px|border]] [[United States Marine Corps|USMC]]<br/>
[[File:800px-Naval Ensign of Japan.svg.png|20px|border]] [[Imperial Japanese Navy|IJN]]}}
In ''[[Battlefield 1943]]'', Hand Grenades are given to the [[Rifleman (Kit)|Rifleman Kit]] and [[Infantry (Kit)|Infantry Kit]] for the [[Imperial Japanese Navy|IJN]] (Type 97) and the [[United States Marine Corps|USMC]] (Mk.2).
The grenades performance is exactly the same as in ''Battlefield: Bad Company'', only the player is not obligated to switch to them, the simple press of the button will immediately cook and the release of the button will throw it.
Each Kit has a maximum of 2 grenades (once all used, the amount "regenerates").
File:BF1943_TYPE_97_GRENADE.jpg|A Type 97 hand grenade being armed in ''Battlefield 1943''
|-|BFH =
==Battlefield Heroes==
In ''[[Battlefield Heroes]]'', there are two varieties of the hand grenade. The grenade can only be used by the [[Soldier (Class)|Soldier Class]], either using it as an explosive weapon or through the ability "Grenade Spam."
The "Grenade Spam" ability allows the user to throw multiple grenades at once. The [[National Army]]'s grenade is similar to a World War II-era German M24 Stielhandgranate while the [[Royal Army]]'s grenade is similar to the Allies most widely used grenades; the Mk 2 and the Mills Bomb.
Royalgrenade.png|A Royal Army Grenade from ''Battlefield Heroes''
Nationalgrenade.png|A National Army Grenade from ''Battlefield Heroes''
|-|BFP4F =
==Battlefield Play4Free==
[[File:25664.png|thumb|The Frag Grenade in ''Battlefield Play4Free''.]]
The '''Hand Grenade''' is a gadget featured in ''[[Battlefield Play4Free]]'' for every kit. It can be obtained using points in the tier 1 equipment expertise Frag Grenade [[training]] option. Its explosion range is about 5 meters; higher levels of the Frag grenade training option increase the number of grenades carried and their damage against vehicles.
Unlike in some first-person shooters, frag grenades cannot be cooked and are instead thrown when a player uses them in a noticeable arc. With a throwing range of around 50 meters and a blast radius of about 5 meters, frag grenades pose a great threat to infantry and light vehicles such as the [[FAV]] or [[HMMWV]] and their occupants. Grenades can even destroy heavy armor if a player is lucky.
[[File:Frag Grenade Training BFP4F.png|thumb|left|The Frag Grenade training icon.]]
Early on, a player should invest at least one training point into frag grenades as they can be uses to assault flags or soften up infantry targets. However, they should not be used to charge in to battle with as an enemy will kill the thrower or dodge the explosion if they see the grenade coming, making them best for retreating or just before contact.
They can also be used in conjunction with [[smoke grenade]]s to kill anyone unfortunate to be caught in the smoke when assaulting a control point. Further increases in rank increase the number of grenades a soldier carries per life and increases the damage done to vehicles by grenades. Also, after buying all the four levels in the [[Frag grenade (training)|Frag grenade]] training option one can also purchase [[Dead Man's Trigger]] to drop a live grenade with a smaller blast radius, when the player dies.
#Allows a single frag grenade to be equipped and used.
#Increases the amount of frag grenades carried to 2 and slightly increases their damage versus vehicles.
#Increases the amount of frag grenades carried to 3 and moderately increases their damage versus vehicles.
#Increases the amount of frag grenades carried to 4 and greatly increases their damage versus vehicles.
|-|BFBC2 =
==Battlefield: Bad Company 2==
|image = [[File:BFBC2 GRENADE ICON.png]]
|quote = Fragmentation Grenade having a large "casualty radius". It is ideal for urban operations and close quarters combat. It allows infantry to engage targets with in-direct fire.
|damage = *33 (against heavy vehicles)
*110-15 (against infantry, damage drops off after 2.9 meter radius up to 8 meters)
|startammo = *SP: 4 grenades
*MP: 1 grenade (2 with [[GRENADES|Grenade Vest]])
|source = <ref>[ Bad Company 2 <nowiki>|</nowiki> DenKirson on Xanga] - retrieved January 12, 2011</ref>|</nowiki> DenKirson on Xanga] - retrieved January 12, 2011</ref>|radius = [[File:FragGrenageRadiusBC2.png]]
|hud = [[File:BFBC2 Hand Grenade HUD ICON.png]]}}
In ''[[Battlefield: Bad Company 2]]'', the grenades are always given to the player, in both single player and multiplayer.
In single player, the player starts off with four grenades as default, and can refill them from dead enemies, ammunition boxes or Supply Crates. The hand grenades are very useful against AI soldiers, as the AI infantry have low health and commonly don't react to grenades thrown near them, and can also be useful at creating easy fire zones or "rat-runs", which can be very useful in levels such as Sangre del Toro and Snowblind, where buildings are commonly present. However, against vehicles and other structures such as bridges and towers, the M2 Carl Gustav and C4 satchels are much more effective than the hand grenade.
In multiplayer, the player only spawns with a single grenade without equipping the [[GRENADES|Grenade Vest]] specialization, though this can be refilled through the use of [[Ammunition Box|ammunition boxes]]. Even though it can be thrown a considerable distance, throwing one accurately at long range requires practice. Grenades have a long fuse, so the movement of enemy players must be accounted for along with the surface the grenade will land on, because it may roll and bounce if it lands on a slanted surface. It can be held indefinitely and even canceled if the opportunity disappears.
A single grenade can kill an enemy at full health, although the target needs to be in close proximity to the grenade for this to happen. However, the wide 2.9 meter blast radius of the grenade makes it a good assault weapon, injuring hostile players, eliminating soft pieces of cover and generally forcing enemy players to reposition, which can be useful in close-quarter combat, such as on [[White Pass]] or [[Isla Inocentes]]. When a player throws a grenade at an enemy, the enemy will audibly yell out a warning to team-mates in the area. This allows the player to identify the presence of enemies inside the target zone and potentially injure or kill some of them before breaching. Also, both sides will be alerted of thrown grenades with a small orange grenade shaped symbol with a flashing arrow under it when a grenade is thrown near their position.
Grenades can work well against vehicles such as the [[Quad Bike|ATV]] or [[Personal Watercraft]], due to their lack of armor and low damage threshold, as well as even larger wheeled vehicles if the grenade lands directly beneath the vehicle. However, [[Tank]]s and [[APC]]s take little damage from grenades, so this method is not advisable unless they only have minimal health remaining.
HAND GRENADE|Gameplay with Hand Grenades in ''Battlefield: Bad Company 2''
bfbc2iosgrenade.png|The Hand Grenade in ''Battlefield: Bad Company 2'' iOS.
|-|BF3 =
==Battlefield 3==
|name = M67 Grenade
|image = M67 Grenade.png
|kit = All
|startammo = 1 grenade (MP)
|maxammo = 3 (SP)<br />2 with [[FRAG]] (MP)
|source = <ref>[] - Retrieved November 29, 2011</ref>
|radius = 7 meters
|damage = 112}}
{{Quote|A common defensive hand grenade, the M67 has a 3.5 second fuse and can be thrown approximately 30 meters by the average soldier. The lethal effect of this grenade is limited against targets with modern body armor.|Battlelog description}}
The '''M67 Grenade''' is a grenade featured in ''[[Battlefield 3]]''. It is unlocked by default for all kits, and cannot be replaced.
Players have the option to immediately throw a grenade (like the "Quick Slash" for the [[Knife]]), equip it as a wielded weapon (like in older games), or assign both actions via [[key binding]]. There is an option to hold the grenade on consoles by pressing {{keypress|L2}} (PS3), {{keypress|LB}} (Xbox) and then holding down {{keypress|Fire}}. This gives the player an advantage by having time to aim and throw the grenade.
An orange dot indicator marks any active grenades including friendly grenades. At close range (where the player can be killed by the blast), the dot is also surrounded by an animated circle. Nearby players will automatically use voice responses when throwing or sighting a grenade.
With the Frostbite 2 engine and Destruction 3.0, hand grenades, and all other weapons, cause more realistic damage. Grenades can kill players through certain kinds of walls due to blast pressure.
Grenades, as well as other explosives, take much longer to [[resupply]] from an [[Ammo Box]] than firearm ammunition.
Players can toss the grenade high enough to explode just as it returns to ground. This can be used to surprise pursuers if there is not a low ceiling or obstruction above.
800px-BF3-M67-1.jpg|The Hand Grenade before it is thrown by Blackburn in ''Operation Swordbreaker''.
Battlefield 3 Grenade Render.png|The '''Hand Grenade'''.
Grenade_BF3.png|Hand grenade in air.
|-|BF4 =
==Battlefield 4==
|image = [[File:bf4_m67_grenade.png|256px]]
|kit = All
|startammo = 1 grenade (MP) <br>
2 grenades (MP, <small>[[GRENADES]]</small>)
|maxammo = 3 grenades (SP)
|source =
|radius =
|damage =
|name = M67 Frag
|dogtag =[[File:BF4 M67 Frag Master Dog Tag.png|128px]]}}
{{Quote|Standard timed fuze hand grenade with all around performance and balanced range and damage.|Battlelog description}}
Hand grenades return in ''[[Battlefield 4]]'' and function similarly to its predecessor ''[[Battlefield 3]]''. The '''M67 Frag''' is the default for all players. However, new grenades types have been added including the [[M34 Incendiary]], [[M84 Flashbang]] and hand-thrown [[Smoke Grenade]]s. The M67 hand grenade deals the most damage at once of all of these and has a larger radius, but each kit only gets one M67 hand grenade.
Pressing the grenade throw button will have the player character pull out their grenade, pull its pin and throw it out. Holding the grenade throw button will have the player character pull out their grenade and making it the player's active weapon. The player can then pull its pin and throw it by using the grenade throw button or the normal attack button.<!--Does this apply to any other games?-->
<gallery widths=250px>
BF4_M67.png|'''M67 Frag'''
===Battlefield Hardline==
|name = M67 Grenade
|kit = All
|image = [[File:BFHL M67.png|250px]]
|startammo = 1 grenade (MP) <br>
2 grenades (MP, <small>[[EXTRA GRENADE]]</small>)
|level = Default}}
{{Quote|Standard timed fuze hand grenade with all around performance and balanced range and damage.|In-Game Description}}
The '''M67 Grenade''' is a gadget featured in ''[[Battlefield Hardline]]''. It is the default grenade issued to players and is one of two explosive grenades available, the other being the [[Incendiary Grenade|Molotov/Incendiary Device]] which have an initial blast. The M67 does the most direct damage of any of the grenades and has a large blast radius, capable of killing nearby players in one blast. However, unlike most of the other grenades, except for the [[Smoke Grenade|M18 Smoke]], only one M67 is given to each kit and they take a very long time to resupply from [[Ammunition Box]]es.
|-|BF1 =
==Battlefield 1==
|name = Frag Grenade
|image = Mills Bomb Icon.png
|kit = {{BF1 Infantry}}<br/>
{{BF1 Tanker}}, {{BF1 Pilot}}<br/>
{{BF1 Sentry}}<br/>
{{BF1 Tank Hunter}}<br/>
{{BF1 Trench Raider}}
|slot = Grenade
|startammo = 1 grenade
|faction = [[File:BF1 United Kingdom Icon.jpg|20px]] [[British Army#Battlefield 1|British Empire]]<br />[[File:BF1 United States Icon.jpg|20px]] [[United States Army#Battlefield 1|United States]]<br />[[File:BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon.jpg|20px]] [[Royal Italian Army#Battlefield 1|Kingdom of Italy]]<br/>[[File:BF1 French Army Icon.png|20px]] [[French Army|French Republic]]}}
|name = Stick Grenade
|image = Stielhandgranate Icon.png
|faction = [[File:BF1 German Empire Icon.jpg|20px]] [[Imperial German Army|German Empire]]<br />[[File:BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon.jpg|20px]] [[Ottoman Empire]]<br />[[File:BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon.jpg|20px]] [[Austria-Hungary]]}}
|name = Russian Standard Grenade
|image = BF1 Russian Standard Grenade Icon.png
|faction = [[File:BF1 Russian Empire Icon.png|20px]] [[Russian Army#Battlefield 1|Russian Empire]] / [[White Army]]<br />[[File:BF1 Red Army Icon.png|20px]] [[Red Army]]}}
{{Codex|Hand Grenades}}
{{Quote|Standard timed fuze hand grenade with high damage.|In-game description}}
The '''Frag Grenade''' returns in ''[[Battlefield 1]]'' as one of many grenade types available, inflicting up to fatal damage against infantry and minor damage against vehicles. The full lineup resembles that of ''[[Battlefield 4]]'', with the addition of two [[Anti-Tank Grenade]]s and a [[Gas Grenade]].
Unlike all prior games and contrary to the in-game description, frag grenades explode shortly after settling on a horizontal surface, instead of on a time delay. This behavior is similar to the [[Gas Grenade|Gas]] and [[Incendiary Grenade]]s. These grenade variants are thus incapable of exploding in mid-air (e.g. thrown upward).
All grenade types are more quickly prepared than in past titles, no longer going through a draw phase nor removal of any safeties. Grenades can be resupplied from crates and pouches, requiring the player to stand nearby for a period of time.
It is no longer possible to make grenades the player's active weapon (in more recent games by holding {{keypress|Grenade}}).
Allied Forces use the British [[wikipedia:Mills bomb|Mills bomb]], while Central Powers use the German [[wikipedia:Model 24 grenade|Model 24 Stielhandgranate]]. ''[[Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar]]'' adds the Russian Standard 1912 grenade for the Russian White and Red Armies. The three types are identical in function.
|-|BFV =
==Battlefield V==
|name = Frag Grenade
|image = <gallery>
BFV Allies Frag.PNG|Allies
BFV Axis Frag.PNG|Axis
|kit = All infantry except Support
|slot = Grenade
|faction = [[File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg|20px]] [[British Army]]<br />[[File:Flag Germany 1933.png|20px]] [[Wehrmacht]]}}
{{Quote|Standard timed fuze hand grenade with high damage.|In-game description}}
The '''Frag Grenade''' appears in ''[[Battlefield V]]'', functioning in a same manner as in ''[[Battlefield 1]]''. It is the default grenade for all infantry kits except for Support that cannot equip it. The appearance of the grenade changes depending on what faction a player is assigned to. The British Army utilizes the Mills Bomb while the Wehrmacht utilize the Model 24 Stielhandgranate.
Unlike past installments, grenades can now be shot out of the air, and can be thrown back. Grenades can no longer be resupplied with [[Ammo Pouch]]s or [[Ammunition Box|Ammo Boxes]]. Instead, players can only resupply grenades at Ammo [[Supply Stations]].
Frag Grenades have a moderate timer, but must first reach ground. This behavior is similar to {{BF1}}, but with a much longer time to detonate.
*Sprinting and/or jumping while throwing a grenade can help the player extend the throwing range, which will help them in killing targets from further away.
*Sprinting and/or jumping while throwing a grenade can help the player extend the throwing range, which will help them in killing targets from further away.
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*With the [[Frostbite Engine]] and [[Destruction 2.0]], grenades can cause slight ground deformation and destruction to light environment.
*With the [[Frostbite Engine]] and [[Destruction 2.0]], grenades can cause slight ground deformation and destruction to light environment.
===Battlefield Vietnam===
[[File:BFVWWII Type 97 grenades.PNG|thumb|Type 97 grenades in ''Battlefield Vietnam''<nowiki>'</nowiki>s WWII mod]]
*In ''Battlefield Vietnam''<nowiki>'</nowiki>s WWII mod, the Imperial Japanese Army character models clearly show Type 97 grenades strapped on their belts, despite using Stielhandgranaten.
===Battlefield: Bad Company 2===
*In ''[[Battlefield: Bad Company 2]]'', the grenade retains the "smiley-face" pin from ''Bad Company'', though it can be difficult to see clearly. It can even be seen on grenades during [[Operation Aurora]].
*It is possible to shoot a grenade, causing it to detonate early, allowing players to kill an enemy or disable an armed grenade in action. <!--Fairly certain this is refering to BC2, will need to test-->
===Battlefield Play4Free===
*In ''[[Battlefield Play4Free]]'', it is possible to score a headshot if you have the Frag Grenade Specialization.
===Battlefield 3===
*On ''[[Battlefield 3]]'' for consoles, players can hold the grenade as a primary like on the PC by holding R2/Right Trigger to extract the knife and then pressing {{keypress|L2/Left Trigger}} and {{keypress|R2/Right Trigger}}. If done correctly, the character should hold the grenade similarly to how the knife is held.
===Battlefield 1===
*In the game's [[Community Test Environment]], the Allied Forces' Mills bomb was used as a placeholder for the Russian Empire to use before the Russian Standard 1912 grenade was implemented for testing the ''[[Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar|In the Name of the Tsar]]'' expansion pack.
*If a grenade lands next to the player character, the player character will audibly breathe in a panicked way.
*The Model 24 Stielhandgranate (identified by the lack of a belt clip on the head) used by the Central Powers is anachronistic during World War I. It is possible that a World War I-era Stielhandgranate was intended to be portrayed, but the belt clip was not modeled due to developer oversight.
*As part of the "Ammo 2.0" scheme, the ''[[Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass]]'' patch made grenades regenerate rather than being strictly supplied by ammo gadgets, and prevented them from being resupplied by Ammo Pouches. A later patch changed resupply back to dependency on pouches and crates.
*The Stick Grenade makes a spinning sound when it is thrown (due to its shape), while the Frag Grenade does not make a spinning sound.<ref></ref>
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[[ru:Ручная граната]]
[[ru:Ручная граната]]
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A fragmentation grenade, or Frag Grenade for short, is a type of lethal grenade that releases high-speed fragmentations during the explosion to harm enemy infantry. These grenades may use either time fuse or impact fuse, and come in a variety of sizes. They are one of the most common grenades in a modern battlefield, and are often synonymous with Hand Grenades.

Frag Grenades had appeared in all games in the Battlefield series. The Frag Grenade is often the standard grenade available to players, and all use a timed fuse with a simple area-of-effect damage model.

Other fragmentation grenades in real life such as Impact Grenades or Mini Grenades are also depicted in Battlefield games, but they have slightly different properties to merit distinct categories.



  • Sprinting and/or jumping while throwing a grenade can help the player extend the throwing range, which will help them in killing targets from further away.
  • In many Battlefield titles, the player can pull the pin and hold the grenade for as long as needed to aim. The spoon will not be released—and thus the grenade's fuse will not arm—until the player throws the grenade, or is killed mid-throw and drops it.
  • If a player is killed while attempting to throw a grenade, the live grenade can kill the user's teammates. The player who killed the user will be credited with these kills.


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