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"When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend."

— United States Marine Corps

The Hand grenade is a small, light-weight, timed explosive device. These are known to many gamers as "'nades". Hand grenades can inflict severe damage against infantry and other soft targets, but do not inflict much damage on armored vehicles such as Tanks. Most hand grenades used are fragmentation grenades, often abbreviated to "frags", which litter an area with shrapnel, which inflicts severe damage on flesh targets. Another type of hand grenades are HE (High Explosive) grenades, which are more effective on armored targets but slightly less effective against infantry when compared to a fragmentation grenade, and these are usually used by soldiers as a weapon against vehicles. Hand grenades have been featured in every Battlefield game to date.

Battlefield 1942

In Battlefield 1942, Grenades are issued to all classes, except the Engineer Kit. They can cause a fair amount of damage to infantry, easily killing in a single blast, but it takes 3 seconds before detonating, so tracking a target is required to kill. They have little to no effect on even the lightest of vehicles. The grenades come in the Mk.II or Stielhandgranate variants, depending if the player is on the Allies or Axis respectively.

Each Kit with hand grenades carries a maximum of 3.

Battlefield Vietnam

In Battlefield Vietnam, Grenades are almost always issued to the Assault Kit of any faction and an option for the Heavy Assault Kit of the NVA. The only exception is when the hand grenades are replaced by the XM148 grenade launcher on a CAR-15. They act as they do in Battlefield 1942. The Americans and South Vietnamese use the Mk.II Hand Grenades, whilst the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong use the M24 Stielhandgranate.

Each Kit with hand grenades carries a maximum of 4 grenades.

Battlefield 2

In Battlefield 2, Hand Grenades are standard issue to each playable faction. They are found on all Kits except the Assault Kit, which replaces them with an under-barrel grenade launcher, and the Anti-Tank Kit, which uses a rocket launcher instead. As the G3 unlock for Assault has no grenade launcher, the Kit comes with grenades when it is used. They have the same stats for each team, as well as using the same model (an M67 Fragmentation Grenade).

All Kits except the Assault and Anti-Tank Kits receives 4 grenades.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Grenades are issued to every kit except the Assault Kit which has an underbarrel grenade launcher in their place, much like in Battlefield 2.

Battlefield 2142

In Battlefield 2142, two FRG-1s are given to every Kit. If a player has unlocked the "Extra Grenade" ability, they will have three grenades when spawning, versus the two they would have otherwise. They have a decent amount of power, easily killing lightly armored infantry. Heavy armored infantry can still be killed by them, but they will need to be closer to the blast. Both the European Union Army and the Pan-Asian Coalition Army use the same model for the grenade.

Battlefield: Bad Company

In Battlefield: Bad Company, HG-2s are given to the Assault, Specialist Kit and Demolition Kit. It is a secondary weapon, so one must switch to it and then throw it. It inflicts high damage to infantry, often killing with a single grenade, but has relatively no effect to vehicles. With the amount and effectiveness of grenades, many players simply throw grenades at enemy bases until they get a kill; this is known as grenade spamming.

Each Kit has a maximum of 5 grenades.

Battlefield 1943

In Battlefield 1943, hand grenades are given to the Rifleman Kit and Infantry Kit for the IJN (Type 97) and the USMC (Mk.2). Their performance is exactly the same as in Battlefield: Bad Company, only the player isn't obligated to switch to them, the simple press of the button will immediately cook and the release of the button will throw it.

Each Kit has a maximum of 2 grenades (once all used, the amount "regenerates").

Battlefield Heroes

In Battlefield Heroes, there are two varieties of the hand grenade. The grenade can only be used by the Soldier Class, either using it as an explosive weapon or through the ability "Grenade Spam". The "Grenade Spam" ability allows the user to throw multiple grenades at once. The National Army's grenade is similar to a World War II-era German 'Potato Masher' Stielhandgranate while a Royal Army grenade is similar to an American-made Mk2 'Pineapple' Hand Grenade.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Hand Grenades perform very well in the newest sequel in the series. They are provided in multiplayer, the player only spawns with a single grenade without specializations and can be refilled with ammunition boxes. The grenade has a long throwing range, but throwing one accurately at long range requires practice. The grenade has a long fuse so the movement of enemy players must be accounted for along with the grade of the surface the grenade will land on because it will roll and bounce a considerable distance before detonating. The safety lever is not removed until the grenade is thrown so it can be held indefinitely and even canceled if the throwing opportunity evaporates. This is generally more useful to unskilled players who will pull a grenade before entering a room for a martyrdom effect, and is a significant disadvantage to skilled players who are thus prevented from cooking the grenade to create an air burst.

Grenades work well against light vehicles such as the ATV or the personal watercraft, and even larger wheeled vehicles if the grenade is beneath the vehicle. Tanks take little damage from grenades so this method is not advisable unless the tank is known to have only minimal health remaining.

It's become difficult to kill a player with full health using a single grenade, so they now are mostly used to soften enemies behind cover or finish off an already injured enemy who ducked behind cover. Another tactic that's become popular with grenades is instead to use them as a breaching weapon to scatter enemies. When a player throws a grenade at an enemy, the enemy will audibly yell out "Grenade!" or "Granata!" depending on the team & audio options. This allows the player to identify the presence of enemies inside buildings and potentially injure or kill some of them before breaching. In addition, players will see a very small orange grenade shaped symbol with a flashing arrow under it when a grenade is thrown near their position.


  • With the Frostbite Engine and Destruction 2.0, grenades can cause slight ground deformation and destruction to light environment.
  • In Battlefield 2, the hand grenade is an American M67, no matter which team the player is on.
  • In Battlefield: Bad Company, the grenade had the trademark smiley face pin attached to it, and, despite common statements, it can also be seen in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 . It is still on the grenade's model, so the player can see it briefly when throwing it and when it is on the floor before detonating. It can even be seen on grenades during Operation Aurora.
  • Grenades are infamous in the Battlefield games for players' tendency to grenade spam by constantly throwing grenades in the hopes of getting kills. This was a severe problem in Battlefield 2 as players of all Kits (except the Anti-Tank Kit and Assault Kit) were given 4 grenades on spawn, this allowing many players to grenade spam. It was made worse with a Support Kit as the ammo bags would replenish the used grenades, basically giving infinite grenades.
  • EA had made a short-lived ad campaign for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 called "F.R.A.G.S" ("Friends Really Against Grenade Spam"), which starred CC Sabathia and Sweetwater talking about how ineffective randomly thrown grenades are in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
  • It is possible to shoot a grenade, causing it to blow up early, allowing players to kill an enemy or disable an armed grenade in action.

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