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"Gentlemen. We are proud of you and what you have accomplished. Let's take a picture for future generations."

— The Captain to Deme at the end of Tirailleur.

The Captain is a minor character featured in the Battlefield V singleplayer war story Tirailleur.


The Captain is the commander of the company of Senagalese Tirailleurs to whom Deme and Idrissa belong to, the former of whom describes him as "ambitious [and] young". Despite his title, the Captain does not accompany the unit into battle, leaving the Tirailleurs with virtually no leadership element, as shown when the inexperienced but motivated Deme takes control of the entire remainder of the company.

In the opening cutscene, he is witnessed by Deme in a night meeting with other commanders, during which volunteers his unit for a seemingly suicidal assault on the German defensive lines, protecting their headquarters within a hilltop Château. The next morning he watches the unit depart, where he is again observed by Deme.

In the finale, the Captain greets the three surviving members of the Tirailleurs on the steps of the conquered Château, expressing his admiration of the trio before gathering them with a group of recently arrived soldiers for a historic photograph. After the war, the photograph of the Captain posing with the victors of the battle has been kept by an elderly Deme - however, Deme and the two other black survivors have been airbrushed out of it, leaving a noticeable empty space beside the Captain.

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