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Frontlines is a gamemode featured in Battlefield 1, Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042. It was originally introduced in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion. It combines Conquest and Rush gameplay in a single map. Each team has a base with two telegraphs. A line of flags joins the two bases, with all flags needing to be captured in order to attach telegraphs in a game of tug-of-war.

Battlefield 1[]

For the Codex Entry, see Frontlines (Codex Entry)

"Capture the Flags Then Attack the Telegraphs

A symmetrical, head-on conflict where the contested frontline can move in both directions. Conquering a Flag Objective allows a team to advance closer to the enemy base.
Once a team loses the Flag Objective closest to their base, they will have to defend 2 Telegraph Posts inside their base."

— In-game Description


Flag Capture[]

In the opening stage, teams fight for control over one flag at a time. The capture zones for the flags are considerably larger. Capture rate is decreased, while neutralize rate is increased. Once captured, another flag becomes available for capture after a 30-second delay. The entire flag area is open at all times, allowing for wide flanks, vanguard attacks on prospective flags, or booby-trapping of rear flags, but at risk of leaving the currently-contested flag open for easy capture.

Base Defense[]

If a team's rear flag is captured, then players proceed to play a Rush subsection where telegraphs must be attacked or defended at the team's base.[1] As in normal Rush, the telegraphs can be used to call artillery strikes against spotted enemies, even during the flag capture stage. The attacking team is given 40 tickets to take down the enemy wireless posts.

Victory is earned upon successful destruction of the telegraphs. Should the attacking team fail to destroy the telegraphs with the tickets allotted, the defenders push back into the flag zone and Conquest-style play continues until either base flag is taken to resume the Rush-style play.

The mode requires considerable use of all classes working together. Once the telegraphs become available for destruction, it is imperative that the attacking team arms them as soon as possible in order to avoid allowing the enemy team to establish a foothold and repel the attack. Originally, this meant that matches could last hours due to the lack of a time limit, which reinforced the need to destroy the telegraphs as soon as possible.

Matches, due to the time limit, can end in a draw if both teams still have their telegraphs standing. However, if one team already has one destroyed while the other's are both still untouched, then the latter team will win the match once the time runs out. If each team has one telegraph left standing, the match will still end in a draw.


Frontlines was exclusive to the They Shall Not Pass expansion. After good feedback about this gamemode, DICE start to expand Frontlines to the base game map.

They Shall Not Pass[]

Base Game[]

Battlefield V[]

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Frontlines returned in Battlefield V as a gamemode available on all maps at launch.[7]


In its pure form, Frontlines retains its 32-player limit but introduces aircraft[8]. Additionally, some maps have MCOM Stations replaced with 'strategic objectives' (which are usually artillery cannons, similar to Airborne mode).

A 64-player version of the gamemode is part of Grand Operations. Usually these have one central objective, as opposed to three to seven like normal Frontlines. There will also be three strategic objectives as opposed to two, and planes will be available to both teams (as well as towable Flak 38s).

Battlefield 2042[]

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"A battle with Eastern forces has spilled out into a larger conflict. We need to uproot them before they reach our headquarters and disrupt control of the area. Break out of the center and restore control over our territory. The hostile HQ must be dismantled. We need to make sure that the TPC doesn't find a foothold in this place. Their presence is a substantial threat. Do not let them gain ground, No-Pats."

— American Briefing

"Several minor clashes with American forces have escalated into a much larger conflict. We have established a foothold that we cannot afford to lose. You have been assigned to the central territory to supplement our offense and reach enemy headquarters. This is a vital proving ground for the Mandate. If we stop them here, it will put us at a significant advantage. Do everything you can to uproot them. We are counting on you."

— Russian Briefing

Battlefield 2042 Frontlines Info

Frontlines is a limited-time gamemode featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced during Crimson Front event of Turning Point season. The mode is available as 20 versus 20 players on 5 maps, including Discarded. Flashpoint, Haven, Reclaimed and Redacted.[9]



  • The Frontlines gamemode that appears in the Battlefield series is largely identical to the game mode that was innovated in the 2008 first person shooter, Frontlines: Fuel of War.[10] Developing Frontlines: Fuel of War server administration software was incidently where DICE's lead software engineer, Geoff Green, began his career in game server development.[11][12][13]

Battlefield 1[]

  • During a by-invitation event, Frontlines was demonstrated for guests with a 30-minute time limit.
  • The gamemode's tutorial video states that the game ends once both enemy telegraphs are destroyed or time runs out. When the DLC first released, the gamemode featured no time limit, meaning that games could last for as long as possible until one team's two telegraphs were destroyed. However, as of the Spring Update in April 2017, the game mode now has a 40-minute time limit.
    • According to DICE LA producer, David Sirland, the lack of a time limit for the gamemode caused server issues such as not being able to sync the destroyed terrain and buildings for all players if the match goes on for too long.[14]