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Tanker truck

A Tanker Truck in reality.

A tanker truck is a vehicle designed to carry liquefied loads, dry bulk loads, or gases on roads. Those carrying fuel are called fuel tankers.

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Fuel Tanker is a neutral vehicle featured in Battlefield Hardline. It is a large tanker truck hauling a massive gasoline tank. It can seat two players, one driver and one passenger. Like other vehicles, the passenger may fire out of the windshield or can sit on the side door window and fire out for a better angle at the cost of less protection.

The Fuel Tanker is the largest land vehicle in the game, but is also the slowest. It can take significant damage to its front, but the gasoline tank is completely exposed and the vehicle's weakest spot. Upon destruction, the gasoline tank will ignite and cause a massive explosion, killing or damaging nearby players and destroying vehicles. This makes the Tanker useful as an impromptu bomb, as ramming it into other vehicles with Breaching Charges attached can quickly dispose of armored vehicles, like the Mobile Command Post or Armored Rescue Vehicle.