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The Glock 17 is an Austrian handgun first produced by Glock in 1982 and chambered in the common 9x19 Parabellum cartridge. It is a very popular pistol, in service with military forces and law enforcement worldwide. It is also very common in the civilian market.

The Glock 17C is a model of the standard Glock 17 with compensator cuts in the barrel and slide. The Glock 18 is a select-fire, fully automatic variant of the Glock 17.

The Glock 17 appears in five games in the Battlefield series, referred to as the G17 in most games. In Battlefield 3, the weapon is named the G17C but is still modeled after the regular Glock 17. A Glock 17 modified as a competition racegun appears in Battlefield Hardline as the G17 RACE.

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