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Battlefield Hardline features two variants of the Glock 17: the Operator exclusive G17 and the all-kit G17 Race Pistol.


"The G17 is a highly popular pistol. The G17 has almost no muzzle climb, which makes it possible to rapidly unleash a string of accurate rounds."

— In-game description


The G17 is commonly carried by enemies in most episodes. It can first be picked up in Back to School. Once it has been picked up, it can be selected for the player's loadout in any episode.


The G17 is an unlockable handgun for the Operator kit, and is available to both factions upon completing the Operator Assignment 2. It comes with Improved Iron Sights by default.

The G17 can give the player a large advantage in combat, as it has the lowest recoil and best accuracy in its class, medium power, and a high capacity. Its most unique trait it its incredibly high firecap, potentially firing as fast as 900 rpm, provided the player has a fast trigger finger, while other semi-automatic pistols can only reach 400 rpm.


G17 Race Pistol[]

The G17 Race Pistol, called the G17 RACE in the killfeed, is an all kit sidearm that was released alongside the Getaway expansion.

It is permanently equipped with a Compensator and a Coyote sight attached to a pistol shroud and cannot equip any attachments, but can still use metallic paints. It is more stable than the normal G17, having almost completely vertical recoil, but has slightly more spread when continually firing due to the Compensator.