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"Known as a "Battle Rifle" because of its 7.62mm round and heavy frame, this weapon is capable of fully automatic fire at a rate of 600 rpm. The 20 round magazine is offset by the incredible stopping power of the 7.62mm round."

— In-game description

The G3 is a weapon featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


The G3 is the last all kit weapon unlocked, requiring the achievement of Rank 22. The G3 uses a 20-round magazine, is fully automatic, and can be modified with a Red Dot Sight or a 4X Rifle Scope. It has a low fire rate combined with high power, and, as with the LMGs, each successive shot decreases overall spread.

The G3 is one of the weapons that has a 50% recoil decrease when crouching, making crouching a better option for long range targets. The G3 handles and performs roughly similar to the M14 in the Vietnam expansion pack.




  • The G3 and the M14 Mod 0 Enhanced were originally intended to be able to be modified with attachable optics, however, DICE locked the ability to do so before the release of the game. Although players knew it was possible, through evidence from the first Squad Rush trailer and the VIP Map Pack 3 trailer, it was originally impossible to equip the Red Dot Sight or 4X Rifle Scope, except through the use of private PC servers which modified the game to unlock the ability. DICE had asked the community through a Battlefield Blog post if players wanted to have the optics for both the M14 and G3.[2] Though many comments opposed the idea, most community members were for it. Hence, the G3 and M14 Mod 0 Enhanced were able to equip optics with the release of the 1.05 patch.
  • Upon release of the game a glitch occurred, saying the Player had to be Rank 26 to unlock the G3. This problem also occurred for the M14 Mod 0 Enhanced.
  • If the player has G3 as primary weapon and M93R Burst as a pistol, the swapping animation will be the same as swapping to XM8 Prototype's XM320. This also applies to the F2000 Assault.