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"The G3 rifle is one of the most widely fielded Assault Rifles in the world. Multiple versions of the G3 exist, and it has been used in countries around the world, including Sweden where it was known as the AK4. This particular G3 is the A3 variant, with a fixed stock. The long barrel and firing heavy 7.62x51mm NATO round enable the G3A3 to reach out at longer ranges than most other Assault Rifles, but at the cost of heavy recoil."

— Battlelog description

The G3A3 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3.

Singleplayer and Co-op[]

In the singleplayer and co-op modes, the G3A3 is very common among the PLR and the Iranian Army, and can be found with or without optics.


The G3A3 is unlocked for multiplayer when an overall score of 160,000 points are reached in Co-op. Formerly (before the R3 patch), 441,000 points needed to be achieved in Co-Op to unlock it.

The G3A3's relatively low rate of fire, high recoil, high hip fire spread and low magazine capacity leaves it somewhat disadvantaged at close range; however, it makes up for this with its high damage output. Its high minimum damage and an almost unrivaled degree of accuracy make it excel at longer distances where most other assault rifles would prove too inaccurate or low-powered.

The G3A3 has been returned to its original state since the March 27 Patch. The current maximum damage for the G3A3 is 34 while all the other assault rifles' maximum damages are 25, and its minimum damage is 22 while the rest of the assault rifles' minimum damages are 18.4. This makes it a 3-shot kill at close range and a 5 shot kill at long range, both the lowest required on any assault rifle. The G3A3 also has the highest minimum damage range of any of the assault rifles, being 60 meters instead of the usual 50.

Adding a heavy barrel will extend the minimum damage range to a highly unusual 90 meters, and, more importantly, allow the G3A3 to kill an enemy in 4 hits at 60 meters, where other assault rifles need 6. Also worth noting, is that shots from the G3A3 will, like other 7.62mm weaponry, suppress enemies more than regular small arms.

As a disadvantage the G3A3 also has the lowest bullet velocity of the assault weapons at 500 m/s, and thus has the lowest maximum range as well of 750m. It also possesses a high hipfire spread, comparable to a semi-automatic sniper rifle.

The G3A3 supports the Underslung Rail attachment which can be used to attach the M26 MASS shotgun, but it cannot mount the M320 grenade launcher; the M320 must be used as a standalone weapon.



  • The right side of the weapon only has positions for safe and full-auto, while on the left side the selector has positions for safe, semi-auto and full-auto.
  • During the Alpha, the G3A3 was simply known as the "G3".
  • The G3's usual green sections may sometimes appear black due to lighting errors.
  • G3A3 is the only assault rifle in the game that uses 34-22 (7.62x51mm NATO) damage model. SCAR-H also uses same ammunition as G3A3 but lower damage (30-20) due to SCAR-H being a carbine variant in the game. All other assault rifles use 25-18.4 damage model.