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"A cut down version of the German Army's full size G36 rifle, the C in G36C is stands for Commando or Compact. Equipped with a number of rails for accessories and a set of backup iron sights instead of the integrated optics and carry handle of the G36, the G36C is a Carbine with significant customization options. Its great ergonomics and short length make it excellent in short range encounters. The G36C also includes a 2 Round Burst mode."

— In-game description

The G36C is a carbine featured in Battlefield 3.


The G36C is used by the GIGN and National Police in Comrades and The Eleventh Hour. It can be picked up only in Comrades.


The G36C is unlocked after achieving 110,000 Engineer score. It has very average stats for a carbine, featuring a reasonably controllable recoil, average accuracy, and a typical carbine damage profile (25 to 14.3). Although it is controllable, the accuracy past 50m combined with the average fire rate and low damage makes it inferior to assault rifles and long range optimized carbines like the ACW-R and the SCAR-H.

At closer ranges, the G36C has good handling traits, losing little accuracy on the move, and performing good as far as hip-fire, giving it an edge over assault rifles with similar fire rates. But, the 750 RPM fire rate will lose battles against higher rate of fire weapons such as the AEK-971, FAMAS, and the MTAR-21.

The G36C has bulky iron sights, which are out of focus. A large portion of peripheral vision is cut out, and the sight hole is small. This combined with the rather large front post make optics a preferable choice if desiring to use the G36C at range as the iron sights practically create a big blind spot at range. The holographic sight provides a good balance between zoom and accuracy, and the red dot sight specializing in close engagements.