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The G36C is a carbine in Battlefield 4 and was first seen in the killfeed of the Battlefield 4: "Paracel Storm" Multiplayer Trailer.


The G36C is unlocked by completing the Bronze assignment in Kunlun Mountains by obtaining 5,000 points. It is equipped with a Tri Beam Laser, Muzzle Brake and Potato Grip. It features a Flecktarn Urban finish.


The G36C plays differently from its Battlefield 3 counterpart, having one of the best stability and accuracy statistics of the carbines. With a balanced recoil pattern that essentially only kicks straight upwards, and spread values that are tied for the lowest of its class. To counter this, the G36C has a lousy damage output, making it one of the slowest killing weapons in the entire game.

This is because it shares the damage model of all carbines, bar the ACE 52 CQB. With a maximum of 24 damage per shot within 10-15 meters, players need a minimum of 4 shots to down enemies. Also, this damage model falls off significantly more than other weapons, almost to the point where 6 bullets will be required. This is a mediocre statistic, but the real downfall of the G36C is the sluggish rate of fire of 650 RPM, one similar to most of the LMGs. This makes the weapon very controllable, but horrendous in close quarters where other weapons will almost always beat the G36C's damage output, or beat out its fire rate.

Other than the damage output, the rest of the G36's stats are very middle-of-the-road. The reloading speed of the G36C is very average, with 2.3 seconds.

Overall, the G36C is a weapon that requires users to understand and play around the gun's shortcomings. It should be played very passively at medium ranges, where users can use the ranged capabilities of the weapon, paired with the right attachments, to kill enemies.