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Battlefield Hardline 2042

"A compact variant of the G36 assault rifle that is highly maneuverable, with a high rate of fire. Even in full-automatic fire, the rounds fired by the G36C deviate less horizontally than other ARs."

— In-game description

The G36C is a weapon featured in Battlefield Hardline.

It is a purchasable weapon for the Operator kit for the Law Enforcement faction. It has significantly less horizontal spread than the other available Assault Rifles and Carbines. By default, the G36C is equipped with Holographic Sight. It has the lowest damage of all carbines but to balance this it has a very easily controlled recoil.



BFHL G36C Betarod

The G36C with operating rod during the June Beta

  • The G36C has markings on the side of the weapon including 'KH G36c', 'cal. 6mm BB', and 'ELECTRIC AIR GUN', suggesting the weapon was probably modeled after an airsoft replica instead of the actual carbine.
  • Like the MG36, the G36C's operating rod is missing on the weapon model and the charging handle floats in place, despite being present during the Betas.
  • The G36C appears on the Mechanic Unlocked Patch, despite it being an Operator weapon.
  • During the Open Beta, the G36C was originally a Criminals weapon, but was switched to Law Enforcement following the Beta, with Criminals instead getting the M416. This was probably due to Law Enforcement having access to both the M16A3 and M416, which were similarly functioning high-rate of fire weapons, while the Criminal rifles were mostly slower firing and higher damaging. The switch helped balance out the discrepancy between the two faction's weapons.[1]


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