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The subject of this article, Garotte, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

A Garotte is a type of handheld assassination weapon that, when placed around a victim's neck and pulled taut, can be used to strangle a person. It is comprised of a flexible, high-tensile material such metal wire or nylon, with purpose-built garottes having handles at each end. Garottes can also be improvised from other materials such as rope, chain and telephone cables.

Since World War II, the garotte has been regularly employed as weapon by soldiers as a means of silently killing sentries and other enemy personnel. Instruction in the use of both types of garrottes is included in the training of many elite military units and special forces.[1]

Battlefield V[]

The Garotte was a gadget set to be featured in Battlefield V. Its use was demonstrated in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer, where it was employed in a similar manner to a melee takedown. It was planned to be used by the cut Paratrooper Class Archetype, whose class perk was that successful takedowns with the Garotte would spot nearby enemies.[2]

The gadget did not appear in any media outside of the trailer, and was not included in release. It currently presumed that like the Paratrooper archetype, the gadget is also cut.


  • The Infiltrator subclass in the scrapped 5v5 competitive gamemode had a perk similar to the Garotte's functionality, where melee takedowns would be replaced with interrogations that would spot enemies.