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For the Battlefield 4 character, see Captain Garrison

"However, as of 0300 hours, forward elements of Colonel Garrison's regiment took Jafiyeh Bridge."

Captain Brady mentioning Colonel Garrison

Colonel Garrison is a minor character featured in the Battlefield 3 campaign. He is the leader of a regiment that secures the Jafiyeh Bridge in Tehran during Operation Guillotine, which allows Haymaker and Misfit units to assault the Metropolitan Bank. He is never seen in-game.


  • Colonel Garrison's name might be based on MG William F. Garrison who lead the UNOSOM II forces during the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down).
  • Interestingly, Garrison's rank, Colonel, is the Marine Corps equivalent of Roland Garrison's rank, Captain, in Battlefield 4.
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