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Battlefield 1[]

"Suited for close range combat. Equipped with a unique delayed fuse HE shell, protective armor covering its track area and both long- and short- range gas abilities."

— In-game description

The Gas Assault Package is a vehicle package available in Battlefield 1 for assault tanks. In its namesake, this vehicle pattern is more focused on chemical warfare than the other two patterns, allowing the vehicle to engage in urban warfare, where anti-tank ambushes could be employed.

The main weapon used by the driver is airburst ammunition for the 75mm Cannon. This type of munition is affected by gravity more than the other ammunition with lower ballistic performance and velocity, but its uniqueness lies in that it only explodes after hitting a surface once, making it ideal to kill infantry hiding behind cover or within buildings. The damage caused by this type of ammunition to enemy vehicles seems to be stabilizing, usually between 16 and 18 damage per round (similar with Field Assault Package), with no ricochet effect and higher blast radius than regular. The crosshair icon for this package is also different.

Additionally, the driver has access to 75mm gas shells to lob into potential hiding spots and a Gas Emitter similar to other tanks for when infantry ventures too close to the vehicle. However, since infantry can wear gas masks, these two functions are difficult to cause damage in actual combat. The effect of the Gas Cannon is roughly to generate a gas grenade (similar with Gas Emitter actually) at the impact position of the shell, which will then naturally fall due to the gravity. The ballistic performance of this ammunition should be consistent with or better than airburst.

As mentioned in the description, the "protective armor covering its track area" is the only difference in appearance between the Gas Assault Package and the Field Assault Package. However, this skirt armor seems purely decorative and does not affect the immobilize threshold of the vehicle.

All four of the tank's heavy machine guns are available to gunners, the driver himself can only use the main gun.


  • The "protective armor covering its track area" comes from the early prototype of the Char Saint Chamond, and this feature has not been retained in production models.